Embed Intent and Usage

Embeds, or "embedded elements," grant a significant amount of flexibility to content managers who wish to feature interactive elements or media from other web-based sites or tools within MDC's website. YouTube videos, Webforms, and Maps (created by MDC staff) are three types of interactive elements that may be embedded. 

Embedding content provides an experience that is consistent for the user with the rest of the site's look and feel while utilizing content or interactions from another site. Whenever placing an embed on a page, the content manager should review it thoroughly to ensure it is presenting appropriately on all devices as there can be variation from source to source as to how embedded content behaves.


Embed Design Guidelines

There is minimal design applied to embedded content. The aim of the website design with respect to embedded items is to maintain a consistent visual experience for the user. However the content being embedded may contain its own stylistic elements which are not consistent with the MDC website branding. For instance, when embedding a YouTube video, you'll see red buttons and YouTube's logo included in the element.

Embed Editorial Guidelines

  • Typically a single-column section will be appropriate for embedded items such as forms.
  • Try out some layout options to determine what is the appropriate size and proportion on the page for a given embed.

Embed Example

Video from YouTube.
Embed Code

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