Tree Growth Information

Photo of an overcup oak view up into tree from base of trunk

Growth Key

  • Fast: Has the potential to grow 24 inches or more annually.
  • Slow: Has an annual growth increment of 12 inches or less.
  • Medium: Between 12 and 24 inches of growth per year.

Deciduous Trees

American sycamoreOver 60 feetWetPartialFast
Black gumOver 60 feetMoistFullSlow
Black hawUnder 30 feetAverageFullSlow
Black locustOver 60 feetWideFullFast
Black oakOver 60 feetAveragePartialMedium
Black walnutOver 60 feetMoistFullMedium
BlackberryUnder 10 feetAverageShadeFast
Bur oakOver 60 feetMoistFullSlow
Cherrybark oakOver 60 feetWetFullFast
Deciduous hollyUnder 30 feetWidePartialSlow
Downy serviceberryUnder 30 feetAverageShadeMedium
Eastern cottonwoodOver 60 feetWetFullFast
Eastern redbudUnder 30 feetAverageShadeMedium
Flowering dogwoodUnder 30 feetMoistShadeMedium
Gray dogwoodUnder 30 feetWide rangeShadeMedium
HackberryOver 60 feetWide rangePartialMedium
HawthornUnder 30 feetAverageFullSlow
Kentucky coffee treeOver 60 feetMoistFullSlow
Nannyberry viburnumUnder 30 feetAveragePartialFast
Northern red oakOver 60 feetMoistPartialMedium
Nuttall oakOver 60 feetWetFullFast
Osage orange30-60 feetWide rangeFullFast
Pawpaw30-60 feetMoistShadeSlow
PecanOver 60 feetMoistFullSlow
Persimmon30-60 feetAverageFullSlow
Pin oakOver 60 feetWetFullFast
Red mulberry30-60 feetAveragePartialFast
River birch30-60 feetMoistFullFast
Roughleaf dogwoodUnder 30 feetAverageShadeMedium
Scarlet oakOver 60 feetAverageFullMedium
Shagbark hickoryOver 60 feetAveragePartialSlow
Shellbark hickoryOver 60 feetMoistPartialSlow
Shumard oakOver 60 feetMoistPartialMedium
Silver mapleOver 60 feetWetPartialFast
Sweet gumOver 60 feetMoistFullMedium
Tulip treeOver 60 feetMoistPartialMedium
Ward's willowUnder 30 feetWetFullFast
White oakOver 60 feetMoistPartialSlow
Wild plumUnder 30 feetAverageFullFast

Evergreen Trees

Bald cypressOver 60 feetWetFullMedium
Eastern red cedarUnder 30 feetWide rangeFullSlow
Eastern white pineOver 60 feetMoistPartialFast
Jack pine30-60 feetAverageFullFast
Red pineOver 60 feetAveragePartialMedium
Shortleaf pineOver 60 feetDryFullFast


American hazelnut10-20 feetWide rangeShadeMedium
Arrowwood viburnum10-20 feetMoistShadeMedium
Fragrant sumacUnder 10 feetAverageFullMedium
Meadow willow10-20 feetWetFullFast
NinebarkUnder 10 feetWideFullFast
Ozark witch hazel10-20 feetMoistPartialMedium
Sandbar willow10-20 feetWide rangeFullFast
Shrub lespedezaUnder 10 feetAverageFullMedium
Shining sumac10-20 feetAverageFullFast