Magazine Banner


Magazine Banner Intent and Usage

Magazine Banners are styled to create an editorial feel similar to a magazine, using graphic elements, spacing and text treatment. With a clean layout, they use a prominent landscape image and an overlaid text box displaying a main header and body text. For flexibility, these can accommodate one or multiple features, where a feature is an image, title, text, and link. 

They are best suited for single-column sections so that they fill the width of the page. 


Magazine Banner Design Guidelines

  • Magazine banners present the specified image prominently, along with supporting title and text information as defined by the content manager. 
  • Magazine banners apply left/right navigation allowing the user to scan the features as desired. Additionally, there is automatic rotation which can be paused by the user as needed.

Magazine Banner Editorial Guidelines

  • Enter a short title, ideally no more than 3–5 words, for each image you specify. 
  • Enter a descriptive statement to help give the viewer even more information about what they can learn at the link. The primary purpose of each feature, besides bringing visual impact to the page, is to encourage exploration by the user, so the description should draw the user to click on it to learn more. 
  • The action is associated with the link specified by the content manager — for this you'll specify a destination and display text. Display text should not be too generic. For instance rather than using "Learn more," use "Learn more about hunting seasons" or "Explore conservation areas" or "More on hunting safety."

Magazine Banner Examples


Magazine Banners on the MDC Website