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Before heading out to fish or hunt for deer, turkey, waterfowl, furbearers, or small game, be sure to buy the right permits. You can buy them online, over the phone, at any MDC office, or from more than a thousand vendors around the state.

You may need to purchase a special permit if you collect, handle, breed, or process wild animals. For example, wildlife managers, researchers, taxidermists, dog trainers, collectors, and hobbyists need special permits. All special permits must be purchased at MDC headquarters in Jefferson City.

  • This year's deer and fall turkey permits will be available on July 1.
  • You can purchase permits at your local Department office and at many stores that sell hunting and fishing equipment.
  • From your smartphone using the MO Hunting app. Your valid permit will appear on the app immediately after purchase.
  • Buy via telephone at 800-392-4115. Use your credit card, and pay a $1 surcharge. Allow 10 days for your permits to arrive.
  • Buy online. Print your permit at home and have it in hand immediately. Note: you will not receive a permit by mail with e-Permits.
  • Special permits for commercial hunting and fishing, collectors, taxidermists, and others are also available.
  • This list is subject to change without notice.
  • Permit prices have been in effect since July 1, 2009.

The following permits are available only through MDC

  • Resident National Guard and Reserve Service Small Game Hunting and Fishing Permit ($5)
  • Lifetime Permits
  • Special Hunting and Fishing Permits
  • Commercial and Collector Permits

Federal and state statutes require buyers of fishing, hunting, and trapping permits to provide their Social Security number. This requirement also applies to free landowner permits.

Individuals who do not have Social Security numbers will be required to affirm that information. Falsifying a Social Security number may result in revocation of privileges or criminal charges. Social Security numbers are securely stored and used in support of the Missouri Department of Social Service’s child support enforcement.



Lost your permit? Want an extra copy to keep in your tackle box or in your hunting vest? You can reprint any active and valid hunting, fishing, or trapping permit you’ve purchased.

  1. Go to the online permits site and select on "Manage your Account"
  2. At the next page enter your Conservation ID, Driver's License number, or Social Security number along with your date of birth.
  3. Choose which permit you need to print.
  4. View and print the selected permit.

Printing requires a PDF reader, which is standard on most computers. If you do not have such a program on you computer the online system will provide links where you can download one.

Permits are not licenses to trespass!

Your hunting or trapping permit does not authorize you to trespass on private lands. Remember that your behavior reflects on all hunters and trappers. Respect the rights of private landowners.


The Conservation Permit Card allows multiple permits to be carried on a single plastic card. New permits are automatically loaded onto your card.