Researcher in the field.


MDC Research Website

Visit the new website dedicated to the extensive scientific research staff conduct.

Bear in the woods.

Be Bear Aware

Stay Safe in Bear Country

Follow these guidelines to Be Bear Aware — stay safe in bear country, and keep our bears wild.


Give Turtles

a Brake

Help Protect and Conserve Missouri’s Turtles


Starts Sept 15th through Nov 9th

Archery - Turkey Season

Get more information on hours, limits, and allowed methods


Sep 01 - Nov 29

Dove Season

Get more information on regulations, hours, limits, and where to hunt.

American Bullfrog

Frog season starts at sunset on June 30. Find all you need to know in our frogging section.

reddish squirrel on wooden fence rail

Squirrel season runs from May 26 through February 15, 2019. 

Rod and Reel Loaner Program

Browse the places around Missouri where you can borrow rod-and-reel sets to fish in local waters.

Smartphone with MDC app icons on the screen.

Free apps for Android or iPhone include MO Fishing, MO Conservationist, and MO Hunting.