Sept 1st - 18th

Apply for a Waterfowl Reservation

Missouri residents with a conservation ID number may apply September 1-18 for our managed waterfowl hunts.

Bowhunter in camoflage pulling back on a bow

Archery - Deer Season

Starts Sept 15 through Nov 15

Get more information on hours, limits, and allowed methods.


Sep 01 - Nov 29

Dove Season

Get more information on regulations, hours, limits, and where to hunt.


Watch Out For Ticks

Three species are most commonly found in Missouri.

Man burning wood in a fire ring

Tree-killing pests travel in firewood.

Don't Move Firewood

Buy firewood locally and burn it all before you leave.

MO Outdoors App

Download maps and find nearby Conservation Areas, Accesses, Offices, and Nature Centers


Find out more about regulations, seasons, permits, and more.

Deer hunter walking in the woods

From August 15 through January 15, visit Managed Hunt Drawing Results. Be prepared to enter your Conservation number when you check the drawing results.

People learning about conservation in urban areas

Limited funding is currently available in many of our community funding programs.

Deer Hunting

Permit Auto-Renewal Service (Auto-Renewal) will allow a customer to enroll eligible permits in a service that will automatically renew their permits prior to the start of the next season or permit year.