Give Turtles

a Brake

Help Protect and Conserve Missouri’s Turtles


Check The Dates

Spring Turkey

Spring Turkey April 16th - May 6th.


Paddlefish Season

March 15 through April 30

rainbow trout

March 1st through October 31

Trout Parks Open

Check hours, limits, methods, and permits

Ground fire spreading.

Learn to Prevent and Control Fire

Spring Wildfire Danger

High winds increase the threat of wildfire to habitat, homes, and communities.

Spring Turkey Regulations Booklet

Complementary hands-on classes build on the foundation of our required hunter education course to increase your skills in the field. Check the calendar for workshops and courses near you.

iphone testing

Free apps for Android or iPhone include MO Fishing, MO Conservationist, and MO Hunting.

MDC code book

MDC is undergoing a thorough review of all of our rules, and we want your input.

Persimmons in basket

Find out what's new in this weeks Discover Nature Notes