Timber Sales

Timber Sale
Timber Sales

Missouri’s forest products industry is an important contributor to the state’s economy. The Missouri Department of Conservation works closely with the industry to make sure timber harvest practices are balanced and sustainable for the long-term productivity and health of the forest.

The state is home to about 430 primary wood products producers, including loggers and sawmills. About 900 secondary wood product producers are based in Missouri, including furniture, millwork, cabinetry, and other consumer products.

Statistics Elements

Forest products, lumber, wood, paper, and related industries contribute almost   $10 billion each year to the Missouri economy and support over 44,000 jobs.


Assistance for Private Landowners

Selling timber is done only occasionally by most private landowners. Many request the knowledge and aid of a forester in marketing their timber. Department foresters can help landowners with marketing and selling timber under these guidelines:

  • Provisions under Management Services are met.
  • Property boundaries must be located and marked on the ground.
  • The land must not be listed or advertised for sale.
  • The timber sale area is not being converted to a non-forest use.
  • The sale specifications must be within the allowable limits of the management plan.
  • The landowner must agree to the terms of a Timber Sale Assistance Agreement.
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