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Missouri’s forest products industry is an important contributor to the state’s economy, and the Missouri Department of Conservation works closely with the industry to make sure timber harvest practices are balanced and sustainable for the long-term productivity and health of the forest.

The state is home to about 430 primary wood products producers, including loggers and sawmills. About 900 secondary wood product producers are based in Missouri, including furniture, millwork, cabinetry, and other consumer products.

The forest products, wood, lumber, paper, and related industries contribute almost $10 billion each year to the Missouri economy and support over 44,000 jobs.

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Timber Management Assistance

Want to improve your woodlot management or timber yields? Get our help! Call your regional forester.

Missouri Woody Biomass Harvesting Manual (pdf, 2 MB)

Also known as the Missouri Woody Biomass Harvesting Best Management Practices Manual, this 49-page booklet helps loggers harvest trees for fuel in ways that protect local natural resources.

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines

Published in 2014, this reference provides science-based guidance to help professional foresters, private land managers, and forest landowners improve and sustain Missouri’s forests.

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