Tagging and Telecheck

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Tagging and Telecheck
Deer, Turkey, and Elk

Whether you’re using a traditional paper permit or the MO Hunting app, after harvesting a deer, turkey, or elk, you must notch your permit and Telecheck your game.

Adult Male Deer
Gobbling tom turkey.
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You must Telecheck your deer or turkey by 10 p.m. on the day of harvest, before processing your game, or before you leave the state, whichever comes first.

Call or use a computer to telecheck if you are not using the MO Hunting app.

Deer harvested in the CWD Management Zone must be Telechecked before leaving the county of harvest.

  • If you’re using the MO Hunting app:
    1. Select your notched permit from the list on the screen
    2. Tap “Telecheck”
    3. Follow the prompts. Telecheck will upload a confirmation number directly to your mobile device.
  • If you’re using a paper permit:
    1. Before calling the toll-free number or going online, find your Telecheck ID number on your permit.
      • If you have more than one permit, be sure you give the number of the permit you want to use.
      • Get a pen so you will be able to write your Telecheck confirmation number on your permit.
    2. Collect the information you will be asked when you use Telecheck.
    3. Call 800-314-6828 or visit mdc.mo.gov, then follow the instructions. If you’re using a phone, speak clearly and slowly. You can use Telecheck between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
    4. After you have provided the required information, you will be given a confirmation number that verifies you have legally checked your game. Write this number on the permit. You have now completed checking your game and can process your deer or turkey.

After you’ve reported to Telecheck, your deer or turkey may be processed, stored, or transported by anyone as long as it is labeled with your full name, address, date taken, and Telecheck confirmation number. You may now transport your deer or turkey out of state.


how to attach a tag to a turkey or deer

As long as you stay with your harvested game, you don’t need to tag it. But if you leave your deer or turkey, you must attach a tag.

  • If you have a paper permit, you can simply attach your notched permit to the deer or turkey’s leg. We recommend sealing the permit in a zip-top bag and attaching the bag with string, wire, or tape.
  • If you’re using the MO Hunting app, you must attach a label with your full name, address, permit number, and date of harvest to the deer or turkey’s leg.

Immediately after harvesting a deer or turkey, you must notch your permit.

Notched permit
  • To notch a permit using the MO Hunting app, simply select the permit you wish to use from the list in the app, and follow the short, easy prompts on the screen.
  • To notch a paper permit, tear a small notch in the month and day of harvest on the permit.

Once you notch your permit, you may transport your deer or turkey within Missouri.

If you harvested your deer in a CWD Management Zone county, you must telecheck your deer before leaving the county.


Things to remember before tagging and checking

  • If you harvest a deer from the CWD Management Zone during opening weekend, you must take your deer (or the head with at least 6 inches of the neck in place) on the day of harvest to a designated CWD sampling station.
  • Use the correct permit. Many hunters carry multiple permits while deer and turkey hunting, so check your permit carefully to make sure you’re using the right one before notching it.
  • Notching voids a permit. Do not notch your permit until you harvest a deer or turkey.
  • Until checked, heads of deer must remain attached, and turkeys must have their heads and plumage intact.
  • Deer and turkeys must be checked by 10 p.m. on the day they are harvested.
  • All deer and turkeys must be checked before they can be removed from Missouri.
  • Only the person who harvested the deer or turkey may possess and transport the game before it has been checked.
  • After checking, deer and turkeys may be possessed and transported by anyone, but must be labeled with the taker’s permit or full name, address, date taken, and Telecheck confirmation number.
  • Avoid duplicate Telecheck records. If you are given a Telecheck confirmation number, your checking information has been successfully received and recorded. If you’re using a paper permit, write the confirmation number on the permit, and the checking process is complete. Do not try to check the same deer or turkey twice.