Production Guidelines


About the Production Guidelines

Here you will find resources for the migration and production of the site content.

Migration Map

The MDC Content Migration Map provides a production workflow for the migration of the current site to the new site.

This document provides:

  1. High level pages in current navigation
  2. Ability to sort by section, name of page, migrator, due date, etc
  3. Page visits from Google Analytic for a year, Nov 2018-Nov 2019
  4. Navigation links to page on current site
  5. Name of migrator for that page, with progress tracker
  6. Date to be migrated
  7. URL on new site
  8. Migration completed checklist with progress tracker
  9. GWW review after page is migrated
  10. Layout update suggestions from review
  11. Text updates from MDC and from review


See the Training page for details including:

  • Recorded trainings
  • Training materials