Nature Boost Podcast

Interested in exploring the outdoors, but unsure where to start? It’s as easy as stepping out your door! Join host Jill Pritchard from the Missouri Department of Conservation as she explores everything nature has to offer – from health benefits and wildlife viewing, to outdoor recreation and unbelievable conservation stories. Subscribe and get your own Nature Boost!

Season 1 – Nature & Health

  • Ep. 1 - Getting Back to Our Roots: Join host Jill Pritchard as she discusses nature’s effect on our wellbeing with Jefferson City-based Wellness Practitioner Dianna Richardson. Also featured is St. Louis radio personality, Jeff Burton, who shares how hiking changed his life for the better.
  • Ep. 2 – Bee Kind: Jill talks to MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Erin Shank and St. Louis University Biology Professor Dr. Gerardo Camilo to discuss the vital role bees play in our nutrition.
  • Ep. 3 – Blue Space: We’ve heard about how “Green Space” is great for health, but what about our lakes and rivers? This episode features MDC’s Stream and Watershed Chief Sherry Fischer and explores how clean and healthy waterways impact our health.
  • Ep. 4 – Good Chemis-tree: Jill speaks to MDC’S Trees Work Campaign Coordinator Holly Dentner and Sarah Crowder with the Heartland Tree Alliance to find out how their programs are improving Missouri’s communities one tree at a time.

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Jill and Erin talk about bees
Bee Interview
Jill discusses pollinators with MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Erin Shank outside of Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood.


Jill and Sherry Fischer
Healthy Water Chat
Jill and MDC Stream and Watershed Chief Sherry Fischer talk about the health of Missouri’s water systems in the recording studio.


Holly Dentner and Jill talk trees.
Talkin’ Trees
Trees Work Campaign Coordinator Holly Dentner takes time to tell Jill how trees impact human health and wellbeing.


Jill interviews students
Bees on Campus
St. Louis University students tell Jill what they know about pollinators and nutrition.


Jill interviews students
Pollinator Pep Talk
Jill tries to convince a St. Louis University student to help save the bees.

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