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Nature Boost Podcast
Mini boost - Self Care


[Intro music.]  

Jill Pritchard:  Hey there!  It's Jill Pritchard with MDC.  Need a mini boost?  Let's get some self-care in, in nature.  

[Sound of coffee pouring.]  

One of my favorite ways to start my day is with a cup of coffee on my back porch.  It gives me a peaceful way to gradually wake up and prepare for my day.  I leave my phone inside and enjoy a few moments of just being present and enjoying the sunrise.  

[Birds singing.]  

No matter what my schedule looks like for the day ahead, I feel better knowing I had a little me-time in the morning to zone out and bask in nature, even if it's only for five or ten minutes.  

[Sound of doors opening.]  

Whether you're working from home or back in the office, shifting your focus and taking a midday walk outside can be so beneficial for productivity.  You can stretch your legs, smell the trees, and appreciate all the vibrant colors nature can offer.  

[Sound of squirrels
food wrappers outdoors.]  

Go a bit further by eating your lunch outside rather than at your desk or in front of your TV.  Hammocking, or "mocking," is popular for multiple reasons.  It can be a relatively cheap and easy way to lounge outside and get your nature boost.  

[Birds chirping, dogs barking.]  

You can hammock with a pal or pet, dive into the latest true crime book, or gently swing yourself to sleep.  And the best part is you can hammock practically anywhere.  

[Sound of water pouring into a glass.]  

If you can't get outside, bring nature inside.  Caring for indoor plants is a great hobby that allows you to unwind in your own private green space.  Plus, there are so many plants that are basically impossible to kill if you lack the green thumb.  

[Sound of spraying plants.]  

Or change your desktop background or lock screen on your cell phone to an image of nature.  

[Keyboarding sounds.]  

Studies have shown even just looking at a picture of the outdoors can improve your sense of well-being.  

[Music playing.]  

I'm Jill Pritchard with MDC.  Get outdoors and get your nature boost!  

[End of recording.]