MB02 Hike Transcript


Nature Boost Podcast
Mini boost - Hike


[Intro music.]  

Jill Pritchard:  Hey there!  It's Jill Pritchard with MDC.  Need a mini boost?  Let's take a hike today.  

[Sound of walking in a forest.]  

Hiking is a great way for all outdoor lovers to enjoy nature.  It's a chance to break away from our technology and go off the grid for a bit.  

You can listen to the wind rustle the leaves of the trees.  

[Sound of wind blowing leaves.]  

Do you feel the bark as you pass by?  You can hear songbirds and take the opportunity to spot them in the treetops.  Don't forget to look for signs of wildlife below your feet, too.  Pause your hike to search for animal tracks like deer, foxes, or raccoons.  

[Sound of a brook.]  

Stop by a creek to enjoy a blue space and listen for frogs, or see if you can spot a crayfish.  

[Sounds of birds and frogs.]  

It's these experiences that help melt away our stress and revive our sense of wonder.  Some fresh air and a few extra steps on your pedometer can do wonders for physical and mental health.  

[Sound of photos being snapped.]  

To ensure an enjoyable hike, be sure to do a little planning.  Lean towards comfortable hiking shoes or boots.  Even an old pair of tennis shoes works, too.  Sunscreen is crucial to protecting your skin against UV rays.  

[Sound of spraying sunscreen.]  

Go for an SPF 15 or higher.  You'll thank yourself for bringing sunglasses and a ball hat, too.  Staying hydrated, especially in the warmer months, is imperative.  The night before you head out, fill your water bottle halfway and stick it in your freezer.  Then add water the next morning for an icy cold thrust quencher.  

[Sound of water bottle filling up.]  

Bring snacks along, too if you plan to be hiking for an extended period of time.  Trail mix, jerky, energy bars, and fruits like apples or bananas will help fuel you, and they won't weigh you down on your journey.  Be sure to leave no trace by packing a trash bag to keep nature clean and beautiful.  

Mosquitoes and ticks are unfortunately a part of the outdoor experience.  But don't let them deter you on your hiking fun.  Bring along some insect repellent, and be sure to re-apply.  

[Sound of spraying insect repellent.]  

Prepare for emergencies by packing a first aid kit and a multi-purpose tool or knife.  Better safe than sorry.  

Lastly, do a little research about where you'll be hiking so you can be prepared once you start your adventure.  

[Keyboarding sounds.]  

Not sure where to start?  No matter where you live in the state, an MDC conservation area is roughly 20 minutes away.  

[Music playing.]  

Find more great info by downloading the MO Outdoors app on the app store or Google Play.  Get outdoors and get your nature boost!  

[End of recording.]