Deer: How to Telecheck

  • All deer must be Telechecked online, using the MO Hunting app, or by telephone.
  • If you are calling Telecheck on your cellphone, be sure you have a clear signal.
  • If the signal is spotty, move closer to a major highway, go to higher ground, or wait until you get to a land-based line to call.
  • Avoid calling in areas with loud background noise.

You do not need to Telecheck immediately after harvesting a deer. You have until 10 p.m. on the day taken to check your deer.

  1. Select your notched permit from the list.
  2. Tap “Telecheck.”
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Telecheck will upload a confirmation number to your mobile device.

  1. Before calling the toll-free number or going online, find your Telecheck ID number on your permit.
    • If you have more than one permit, be sure you give the number of the permit you want to use.
    • Get a pen so you will be able to write your Telecheck confirmation number on your permit.
  2. Collect the information you will be asked when you use Telecheck.
  3. Call 800-314-6828 or use the Telecheck button on the top of this page, then follow the instructions. If you’re using a phone, speak clearly and slowly. You can use Telecheck between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  4. After you have provided the required information, you will be given a confirmation number that verifies you have legally checked your game. Write this number on the permit. You have now completed checking your game and can process your deer or turkey.
How to Telecheck Deer

When you Telecheck your deer, you will be asked a few short questions based on whether you are checking a doe or an antlered buck. The illustrations below show how to gather the measurements you will need. These measurements will help biologists gather information on the ages of deer harvested.

Please plan to bring a tape measure or other measuring device with you afield.



Measure from the inner corner of the eyeball to the upper edge of the nostril. Is the measurement greater than 4.5 inches?

measure a doe from nose to eyes

Count the total number of points 1 inch or longer. Record the harvest of a buck as 0 points if the buck has one of the following:

  • shed its antlers
  • small antlers with both beams shorter than 3 inches
  • broken antlers off less than 3 inches from their base

Measure the circumference of the antler (around the antler) 1 inch above the base.

Is the measurement greater than 2.5 inches (about the circumference of a nickel)?

Measure the antler circumference