Deer: Archery

Season Not Open
September 15, 2024 - November 15, 2024
November 27, 2024 - January 15, 2025

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset

  • Archer's Hunting Permit: two deer of either sex. Only one antlered deer may be taken before the main November firearms portion.
  • Hunters may purchase and fill any number of archery antlerless deer hunting permits in all counties except Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, and Pemiscot counties.
  • An antler-point restriction applies in some counties.
  • You may take only two antlered deer during the archery and firearms deer hunting seasons combined.

Deer: Archery Allowed


Longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows of any draw weight



Hand-held string-releasing devices

Illuminated sights, scopes, and quickpoint sights


Deer: Archery Prohibited


Any sighting device that casts a beam of light on the game

You may not possess night vision or thermal imagery equipment while carrying a firearm, bow, or other implement used to take wildlife.

Use of electronic calls, electronically activated calls, bait, dogs, or night vision equipment

Live decoys may not be used to take turkeys.

Motor driven conveyances may not be used to take, drive or molest wildlife. Deer may not be hunted from a boat with a motor attached; however, a motorboat may be used to hunt other wildlife if the motor is shut off and the boat’s forward progress has stopped.

Archers hunting deer or turkeys during the archery season may not be in possession of a firearm. Some exceptions apply. See 3 CSR 10-7.432 and 3 CSR 10-7.455 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri.

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