Proposed Regulation Changes

The Missouri Department of Conservation follows the Secretary of State’s established process for making changes to the Code of State Regulations. This process calls for state agencies to conduct a 30-day public comment period for each proposed rule, amendment, or rescission and to consider those comments prior to filing a final order of rulemaking.

Only those comments received during the formal public comment period will be reported to the Secretary of State.

3 CSR 10- 9.110: General Prohibition; Applications


This amendment updates the scientific names of the Virile (or “Northern”) crayfish and the Calico (“papershell”) crayfish.

Read and comment on the proposed changes

3 CSR 10-10.743: Commercial Establishments


This amendment removes bear from the list of wildlife which may be bought, possessed, transported, and sold by commercial establishments and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section of the rule.

Read and comment on the proposed changes

3 CSR 10-11.115: Closings


This amendment expands the list of department areas that close to public use during high water on the Mississippi River and re-orders the list for consistency.

Read and comment on the proposed changes

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