Proposed Regulation Changes

The Missouri Department of Conservation follows the Secretary of State’s established process for making changes to the Code of State Regulations. This process calls for state agencies to conduct a 30-day public comment period for each proposed rule, amendment, or rescission and to consider those comments prior to filing a final order of rulemaking.

Only those comments received during the formal public comment period will be reported to the Secretary of State.

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Comment on Existing Regulations

We welcome your comments on current Wildlife Code regulations.

3 CSR 10- 7.405: General Provisions


This amendment modifies the Mississippi River levels that will trigger closing hunting during the spring turkey hunting season and the fall deer and turkey hunting seasons in Southeast Missouri in Zones 1 and 2.

Read and comment on the proposed changes

3 CSR 10- 7.410: Hunting Methods


This amendment adds provisions and exceptions for black bear hunting and adds reference to a proposed new black bear hunting rule.  This amendment also makes grammatical corrections.

Read and comment on the proposed changes

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