Fibromas (Papillomas, Warts)


Commonly Infected Wildlife

There are many mammal species that can be affected by fibromas.

Is This Animal Infected?

Infected animals have hairless growths on their skin.

These growths are variable in color, texture, number, and size (from a dime to a baseball), and often found around eyes and neck but may also be on the body or legs.

Can I Get It?

No. People cannot be infected with this type of wart.

How bad can it get?

There is no known risk to humans.

Symptoms in humans

None. People are not at risk.

Deer infected with Fibromas, credit U.S. Geological Survey

Protect Myself and Others

  • Affected tissue is unappetizing.
  • Once infected tissue has been trimmed away, meat can be properly cooked and eaten.

Safe for Pets?

Yes. After trimming away affected tissue, and properly cooking the meat, it is safe for pets to eat.

What Causes It?

A virus in the Papovaviridae family. Fibromas typically do not cause adverse effects to the animals unless their size or location interferes with normal body functions such as sight, eating, respiration, and locomotion.