Commonly Infected Wildlife

Any mammal can be infected, but deer, elk, and rabbits are more commonly affected.

Is This Animal Infected?

Cysts, often resembling fluid-filled bladders, can appear on the surface of several organs in the abdomen as well as in the muscle tissue.

Many infected animals will exhibit no clinical signs of illness.

Can I Get It?

Most infections are not considered transferable to humans.

How bad can it get?

There is no known risk to humans.

Symptoms in humans

Most infections are not considered transferable to humans.

Infected animal with cysticercosis

Protect Myself and Others

  • Cysts are usually removed when game species are dressed out; any that might be overlooked are destroyed in cooking the meat.
  • Always wash hands with soap and water after handling game.
  • Practice proper and safe food handling procedures.

Safe for Pets?

May cause infection in pets, depending on the species of parasite involved. To be safe, do not feed pets raw meat. Meat should always be properly cooked.

What Causes It?

Cysticercosis is an infection caused by the larval stages (including cysts, called cysticerci) of a tapeworm, often of the genus Taenia.