Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus (LPDV)


Commonly Infected Wildlife

Wild turkey.

Is This Animal Infected?

Birds may appear disoriented or weak and are often found dead.

Scabby nodules on the skin of the legs and head also commonly occur.

This disease of wild turkey is so newly discovered that much remains unknown.

Can I Get It?

LPDV is not known to infect humans.

How bad can it get?

No human health risk has been reported.

Symptoms in humans

LPDV is not known to infect humans.

Closeup of turkey head with LPDV
Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study

Protect Myself and Others

MDC advises against consuming any wild animal that appears sick.

Safe for Pets?

LPDV is not known to infect pets, but it is safest to avoid feeding infected birds to pets.

What Causes It?

LPDV is caused by a retrovirus. Little is known about the origin of LPDV in the United States. The significance to wild turkey populations is currently unknown.