Liver Flukes


Commonly Infected Wildlife

In Missouri, deer and elk may be infected.

Is This Animal Infected?

Animals rarely show external symptoms. Livers may by swollen and lumpy. Purple-gray, flat, oval parasites (flukes) may be seen in the liver. Flukes vary in size from 1/2 to 11/4 inches wide and 11/4 to 31/4 inches long.

Can I Get It?

No. Liver flukes do not affect the meat.

How bad can it get?

There is no known risk to humans.

Symptoms in humans

There is no known risk to humans.

Liver flukes
Liver swollen and lumpy due to liver flukes.
Bill Samuel

Protect Myself and Others

The meat of infected animals can be eaten, but infected livers are unappetizing. Infected livers should be discarded.

Safe for Pets?

Yes. The meat is safe for pets to eat when cooked to proper temperatures.

What Causes It?

A trematode flatworm (fluke) called Fascioloides magna.