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Geocaching is an outdoor activity using a Global Positioning Sysem (GPS) device to hide and find containers (geocaches) left by others. Usually a cache is a waterproof container with a logbook inside. Once a person finds the cache, they enter the date it was found and place it back exactly where they found it. 


Geocaching Regulations

Since April 30, 2009, MDC has permitted geocachers and letterboxers who acquire a Special Use Permit to place caches and letterboxes on many conservation areas. To get a Special Use Permit, search our online Conservation Atlas to find the area you wish to use, and call the phone number listed for that area. You do not need to have a Special Use Permit to search for caches on conservation areas, only to place them. Thanks for using and enjoying your Missouri Department of Conservation areas!

Contact the conservation area manager before leaving a geocache in an area.

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