Bear: Hunting on Conservation Areas


The conservation areas listed below are open for black bear hunting as permitted in Chapter 11 of the Wildlife Code. The tables are for informational purposes only. Know area restrictions before you hunt. Hunting is permitted on department areas, except as further restricted by signs, area brochures, or Chapter 11 of the Wildlife Code. A valid area daily hunting tag may be required in addition to statewide permits. Hunting may be further restricted on designated portions of department areas which include, but are not limited to, refuges, wildlife sanctuaries, shooting ranges, residences, work areas, campgrounds, and other public use or service areas.

Please note that the tables below only provide information related to bear hunting on conservation areas and do not imply that an area has bears. Tables are subject to change. Check black bear-specific regulations. For maps and details of the conservation areas listed here, visit Places to Go.

Bear Management Zone 1
Area Name County Bear Archery and Firearms Bear Archery Only
Archie and Gracie Vanderhoef Memorial Howell   x
Boston Ferry CA Taney   x
Buffalo Hills NA McDonald x  
Bull Shoals Lake ML Ozark, Taney x  
Busiek SF and WA Christian x  
Caney Mountain CA Ozark x  
Capps Creek CA Newton x  
Cedar Gap CA Wright x  
Cover (Dan and Maureen) Prairie CA Howell x  
Cowskin Access McDonald x  
Deep Ford Access McDonald x  
Diamond Grove Prairie CA Newton   x
Drury-Mincy CA Taney x  
Flag Spring CA Barry, McDonald x  
Fort Crowder CA Newton x  
Hayes Spring CA Stone x  
Holland SF Stone x  
Hollister Towersite Taney x  
Huckleberry Ridge CA McDonald x  
Jessie Hollow CA Stone x  
Lanagan Towersite McDonald x  
Lewis (The) Family, Dean, Anna Mae and David D. Lewis Mem CA Taney   x
Massengill (Richard) CA Douglas x  
Neosho Towersite Newton x  
Norfork Lake ML Ozark x  
Patrick Bridge Access Ozark x  
Pilot Knob CA Stone x  
Powell Towersite McDonald x  
Rippee CA Douglas x  
Roaring River CA Barry x  
Shannon Ranch CA Douglas x  
Stubblefield Access Barry x  
Timber Knob Towersite Ozark x  
Tingler Prairie CA Howell x  
Tipton Ford Access Newton   x
Vera Cruz Access Douglas x  
White Ranch CA Howell x  
Wire Road CA Stone x  
Bear Management Zone 2
Area Name County Bear Archery and Firearms Bear Archery Only
Amidon Mem CA Bollinger, Madison x  
Anderson (John N and Melba S) Mem CA Crawford x  
Angeline CA Shannon x  
Apple Creek CA Cape Girardeau x  
Aquilla Access Stoddard x  
Barn Hollow NA Howell, Texas x  
Beaver Creek CA Phelps   x
Big Cane CA Butler x  
Birch Creek CA Shannon x  
Bismarck CA Iron, St. Francois, Washington x  
Black Island CA (DeSoto Unit) Pemiscot x  
Black Island CA (Gayoso Bend Unit) Pemiscot x  
Black Island CA (Stephen C Bradford Unit) Pemiscot x  
Black Island CA (Wolf Bayou Unit) Pemiscot   x
Blue Spring Branch CA Perry x  
Blue Springs Creek CA Crawford x  
Bootleg Access Washington x  
Bradley A. Hammer Memorial Wayne x  
Brown (Gerhild and Graham) CA Dent   x
Buford Mountain CA Iron, Washington x  
Cape LaCroix Bluffs CA Scott   x
Carter Creek CA Carter x  
Cash (Ben) Mem CA Dunklin x  
Castor River CA Bollinger x  
Catawissa CA Franklin   x
Cedar Grove CA Dent x  
Chalk Bluff Trail Access Dunklin x  
Clearwater CA Reynolds x  
Clearwater Lake ML Reynolds, Wayne x  
Clement (R F) Mem Forest and WA Dent x  
Clubb Creek CA Bollinger x  
Coldwater Access Wayne x  
Coldwater CA Wayne x  
Corkwood CA Butler x  
Cover (Dan and Maureen) Mem WA Oregon x  
Crooked Creek CA Crawford x  
Crowleys Ridge CA Stoddard x  
Current River CA Carter, Reynolds, Shannon x  
Davidson (Carrick W) - Robert G Paris WA Howell x  
Davis (Dean) CA Howell x  
Donaldson Point CA New Madrid x  
Flatwoods CA Wayne x  
Fourche Creek CA Ripley x  
Frisbee Cutoff Access Dunklin x  
Funk Mem SF and WA Iron x  
General Watkins CA Scott x  
Gipsy Towersite Bollinger x  
Girvin (John L and Georgia) CA New Madrid, Pemiscot x  
Gist Ranch CA Texas x  
Glassberg (Myron and Sonya) Family CA Jefferson   x
Graves Mountain CA Iron, Wayne x  
Hawn Access Bollinger x  
Hemenway CA Ripley x  
Holly Ridge CA Stoddard x  
Hornersville Swamp CA Dunklin x  
Horton Farm Conservation Area Ste. Genevieve   x
Howell Island CA St. Charles, St. Louis   x
Hughes Mountain NA Washington x  
Hunter Towersite Carter x  
Huzzah CA Crawford x  
Indian Trail CA Dent x  
Iron Bridge Access Wayne x  
Ketcherside Mountain CA Iron, Reynolds x  
Keysville Towersite Crawford x  
Kingston Access Washington x  
Knob Lick Towersite St. Francois x  
LaBarque Creek CA Jefferson   x
Lake Girardeau CA Cape Girardeau   x
Little Black CA Ripley x  
Little Indian Creek CA Franklin, Washington x  
Little Whitewater CA Bollinger x  
Logan Creek CA Reynolds, Shannon x  
Lon Sanders Canyon CA Wayne   x
Magnolia Hollow CA Ste. Genevieve x  
Maintz Wildlife Preserve Cape Girardeau x  
Marquand Access Madison x  
Meramec CA Franklin x  
Merrill Horse Access Jefferson x  
Midvale CA Texas x  
Millstream Gardens CA Madison x  
Montauk Towersite Dent x  
Mudpuppy CA Ripley x  
Oak Ridge CA Stoddard x  
Old Plantation Access Cape Girardeau x  
Pacific Palisades CA Jefferson   x
Pea Ridge CA Washington x  
Peck Ranch CA (Outside the fence) Carter, Shannon x  
Poplar Bluff CA Butler x  
Red Rock Landing CA Perry x  
Redhorse Access Franklin x  
Riverside CA Iron, Reynolds, Wayne x  
Rocky Creek CA Shannon x  
Rosati Towersite Phelps x  
Sand Pond CA Ripley x  
Sank CA Bollinger x  
Seven Island CA Mississippi x  
Seventy-Six CA Perry x  
Short Bend Access Dent x  
Sizemore ( Pearl G and John J) Mem CA Crawford x  
Sun (Stephen J) CA Butler x  
Sunklands CA Shannon x  
Sweetgum Access Bollinger x  
Swift Ditch Access New Madrid   x
Thomasville Towersite Shannon x  
Thompson Ford Access Madison x  
Tywappity Towersite Scott x  
University Forest Butler, Wayne x  
Valley View Glades NA Jefferson   x
Victoria Glades CA Jefferson   x
Wappapello Lake ML Wayne x  
Warbler Woods CA Dunklin x  
Warm Fork CA Oregon x  
White River Trace CA Dent x  
Wilhelmina CA Butler, Dunklin x  
Windy Bar Island CA Cape Girardeau x  
Woods (Woodson K) Mem CA Crawford, Phelps x  
Yokum School CA Wayne x  
Young CA Jefferson   x
Bear Management Zone 3
Area Name County Bear Archery and Firearms Bear Archery Only
Alfred Newton Gossett Dallas x  
Allen (Wilbur) Mem CA Wright x  
Amarugia Highlands CA Cass x  
Balltown Access Vernon x  
Baltimore Bend CA Lafayette x  
Barclay CA Dallas x  
Barnes (P F) CA Texas x  
Bear Creek CA Laclede x  
Ben Branch Lake CA Osage x  
Bennett Spring Access Dallas   x
Berrier (Dr. Harry and Mrs. Lina) Memorial Cass   x
Bethel Prairie CA Barton x  
Big Buffalo Creek CA Benton, Morgan x  
Birdsong CA St. Clair x  
Blackjack Access St. Clair x  
Blind Pony Lake CA Saline x  
Blue Lick CA Saline x  
Bluff Springs CA Cedar x  
Boeckman Bridge Access Miller x  
Bohigian CA Phelps x  
Bois D?Arc CA Greene   x
Brickley Hollow CA Benton   x
Bridger (Jim) Urban CA Jackson   x
Bristow CA Vernon x  
Bruns (Dr Bernard) Access Osage x  
Bruns Tract Pettis x  
Brush Creek CA Polk x  
Bryson?s Hope CA Pettis x  
Buffalo Wallow Prairie CA Barton x  
Burnt Mill Cave CA Camden x  
Bushwhacker Lake CA Barton, Vernon x  
Buzzard Bluff Access Wright x  
Canaan CA Gasconade x  
Carpenter Mem CA Morgan x  
Cephas Ford Access Vernon x  
Chapel View Prairie CA Henry x  
Charity Access Dallas   x
Church Farm CA Cole   x
Clear Creek CA Barton, Vernon x  
Clifty Creek CA Maries x  
Coffin Cave CA Laclede x  
Compton Hollow CA Webster x  
Comstock Prairie CA Barton x  
Cooper Hill CA Osage x  
Corry Flatrocks CA Dade x  
Cross Timbers Access Hickory x  
Dave Rock CA St. Clair x  
Davis (The Lester R) Mem Forest Barton x  
Dixon Towersite Pulaski x  
Dorris Creek Prairie CA Barton   x
Dorsett Hill Prairie CA Cass   x
Douglas Branch CA Vernon x  
Drover?s Prarie CA Pettis x  
Drywood CA Barton x  
Eck (Peter A) CA Texas   x
Edmonson Access Benton   x
Edward B. and Marie O. Risch Barton x  
Ferguson-Herold CA Lafayette   x
Fewel (Connor O) CA Henry x  
Fiddlers Ford Access Dade x  
Fiery Fork CA Camden x  
Flight Lake CA Vernon x  
Fort Leonard Wood Towersite Pulaski   x
Fuson (John Alva, MD) CA Wright x  
Gale (Larry R) Access Camden   x
Gama Grass Prairie CA Vernon x  
Gasconade Hills CA Pulaski x  
Goose Creek CA Dallas, Laclede x  
Grandfather Prairie CA Pettis x  
Granny?s Acres CA Benton x  
Harmony Mission Lake CA Bates x  
Hartwell CA Pettis x  
Hazel Hill Lake Johnson x  
Hi Lonesome Prairie CA Benton x  
Hite Prairie CA Morgan x  
Honey Creek Access Cole x  
Horse Creek Prairie CA Dade   x
Horseshoe Bend NA Texas x  
Indigo Prairie CA Dade x  
Ionia Ridge CA Benton x  
Kahrs-Boger Park Pettis x  
Kearn (J.N. Turkey) Memorial WA Johnson, Pettis x  
Kearn (W R) Mem CA Pettis x  
Kickapoo Prairie CA Lawrence x  
Kings Prairie Access St. Clair x  
La Due Bottoms CA Henry x  
Lamine River CA Cooper, Morgan x  
Lawson (Mary) CA Laclede x  
Lead Mine CA Dallas x  
Liberty Bend CA Clay   x
Linscomb WA St. Clair x  
Little Prairie CA Phelps   x
Little Sac Woods CA Greene x  
Lone Jack Lake CA Jackson   x
Long Ridge CA Franklin x  
Lost Valley Fish Hatchery Benton   x
Madden Ford Access Miller x  
Manito Lake Moniteau, Morgan x  
Maple Leaf Lake Lafayette x  
Marion Bottoms CA Cole, Moniteau x  
Marshall Junction CA Pettis, Saline x  
Mo-No-I Prairie CA Barton   x
Mon-Shon Prairie CA Barton   x
Mora CA Benton x  
Mule Shoe CA Camden, Hickory x  
Murphy (John F) Mem SF and WA Hickory x  
Niangua CA Webster x  
Odin Access Wright x  
Old Town Access Bates x  
Osage Fork CA Laclede x  
Osage Prairie CA Vernon x  
Pa Sole Prairie CA Barton x  
Paint Brush Prairie CA Pettis x  
Painted Rock CA Osage x  
Paris Springs Access Lawrence x  
Peabody CA Bates x  
Phenix Access Greene x  
Pikes Camp Access Cole x  
Piney River Narrows NA Texas x  
Pleasant Hope CA Polk x  
Plowboy Bend CA Moniteau x  
Poague (Haysler A) CA Henry x  
Pomme De Terre Lake ML Hickory, Polk x  
Prairie Home CA Cooper, Moniteau x  
Proctor Towersite Morgan x  
Providence Prairie Lawrence x  
Rader Access Webster x  
Redwing Prairie CA Barton x  
Rinquelin Trail Lake CA Maries x  
Ripgut Prairie NA Bates x  
Rocky Mount Towersite Miller x  
Roubidoux Creek CA Pulaski x  
Saline Valley CA Miller x  
Sare (Dale) CA Greene x  
Scrivner Road CA Cole x  
Sentinel CA Polk x  
Shawnee Trail CA Barton x  
Shelton (Wade and June) Mem CA Dade   x
Sky Prairie CA Cedar x  
Sloan (Dr O E and Eloise) CA Dade   x
Smith (Roger V and Viola Wachal) CA Cole, Moniteau x  
Smoky Waters CA Cole, Osage x  
Sni-A-Bar CA Lafayette x  
Spring Creek Gap CA Maries x  
Stockton Lake ML (excluding waterfowl refuge) Cedar, Dade, Polk x  
Stony Point Prairie CA Dade x  
Stringtown Bridge Access Cole x  
Taberville Prairie CA St. Clair x  
Talbot (Robert E) CA Lawrence x  
Toronto Springs CA Camden x  
Treaty Line Prairie CA Barton   x
Truman Reservoir ML (Bethlehem) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Brownington) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Brush Creek) Benton x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Cedar Creek) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Cross Timbers) Hickory x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Deepwater Creek) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Gallinipper Creek) St. Clair x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Gouge Eye) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Leesville) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Little Pomme de Terre) Benton x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Little Tebo Creek) Benton x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Sac Osage) St. Clair x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Salt Creek) St. Clair x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Tebo Islands) Benton x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Upper Tebo Creek) Henry x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Valhalla) St. Clair x  
Truman Reservoir ML (Weaubleau Creek) St. Clair x  
Turkey Creek CA Cedar x  
Twenty-Five Mile Prairie CA Polk x  
Urich CA Henry x  
White (George O) SF Nursery Texas x  
Wigwam School Access Morgan   x
Wilson Camp Access Miller x