Blue Ribbon Trout Slam

Blue ribbon trout slam badges and pins

Missouri’s Blue Ribbon Trout Areas provide excellent trout habitat that supports naturally reproducing trout. These trout are wary of predators and provide anglers with a challenging and authentic experience.

MDC and Trout Unlimited invite you to go out and test your skills against these trout in the riffles and pools of Missouri’s nine Blue Ribbon trout streams.

The Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam honors anglers who can catch a trout in at least 5 of these 9 streams. Catch a trout in more than 5 Blue Ribbon streams and your level of achievement goes up. Participants who choose to, can have their successes listed on the MDC website.

Here's How the Trout Slam Works:

Missouri’s Blue Ribbon Trout Slam has been divided into three levels of accomplishment.



  • Catch a trout from 5 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
  • Award – certificate and bronze pin.


  • Catch a trout from 7 of the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
  • Award – certificate and silver pin.


  • Catch a trout from all 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Areas.
  • Award – certificate, gold pin, and medallion.

Trout of any size caught after January 1, 2020 will qualify for a Blue Ribbon Trout Slam, but trout under 18 inches must be released.

Safeguard landowner goodwill. Never trespass, and always ask permission before floating or wading through private property. Only enter streams at public accesses or with landowner permission.

Protect Missouri's Waters

Help protect Missouri's trout waters from rock snot.


Bronze Achievers

  1. Zach Althaus, St. Louis
  2. Mark Bauman, Kansas City
  3. Jeremiah Bertels, Lake Saint Louis
  4. Andrew Black, St. Louis
  5. Bryan Blackford, Dardenne Prairie
  6. Jesse Boucher, St. Charles
  7. Byron Bradley, Kirkwood
  8. Matthew Buser, Kansas City
  9. Jacob Canfield, Republic
  10. Brendan Corazzin, Kansas City
  11. Garner Cummins, Webb City
  12. Rudy Dodorico, Florissant
  13. Austin Ferraiuolo, Independence
  14. Brian Flowers, Columbia
  15. Brad Foster, Belton
  16. Cameron Gonzales, Springfield
  17. Rik Hafer, Kirkwood
  18. Clayton Henderson, Catawissa
  19. Andy Hill, Columbia
  20. Beth Holler, St. Robert
  21. Thomas Huber, Shawnee, Kansas
  22. Mike Kirksey, Highland, Illinois
  23. Marc Lewis, Ozark
  24. Mike Losse, Kirkwood
  25. Amanda Miller, Bois D'Arc
  26. Shannon McGuire, Kearney
  27. Mark Nettles, Chesterfield
  28. Jim Owens, House Springs
  29. Ben Ortbals Steinkamp, Hillsboro
  30. Steve Parsons, Lakeview, Arkansas
  31. Jaydon Payment, O'Fallon
  32. Frank Petraglia, St. Louis
  33. Michael Petres, Maplewood
  34. Boot Pierce, Sullivan
  35. Dustin Portell, St. Louis
  36. Michael Schelp, Gladstone
  37. Vance Schneider, Kansas City
  38. Sarah Schulte, Columbia
  39. Trevor Southards, Moscow Mills
  40. Seanmichael Stanley, Columbia
  41. Nathan Steinkamp, Fenton
  42. Taylor Stumpf, Columbia, Illinois
  43. Nicholas Trusso, Columbia
  44. Dylan Vermeire, Lake Saint Louis
  45. Larrin Wada, Olathe, KS


  1. Joseph Alvarez, Rolla
  2. Will Black, Wildwood
  3. Ben Burris, Rolla
  4. Seth Calkins, Warrensburg
  5. Kevin Carril, Overland Park, Kansas
  6. Jason Cummins, Webb City
  7. Jim Davis, O'Fallon
  8. Zachary Debord, Columbia
  9. Michael Frieden, Rolla
  10. Kyle Hix, Rolla
  11. John Holler, Saint Robert
  12. Gregg Holmes, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  13. Tom Irish, University City
  14. Jack Losse, Kirkwood
  15. Jordan Louderbaugh, Republic
  16. Chris Miller, Springfield
  17. Darrell Nelson, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  18. Jeremy Patterson, Kansas City (2nd time)
  19. Christopher Selle, Kansas City
  20. Federic Simmens, Jamestown
  21. Ethan Smith, Columbia
  22. James Smith, Washington
  23. Garry Teeple, Fulton
  24. Spencer Thomas, Grandview
  25. Mathew Wortmann, O'Fallon


  1. Daniel Bauman, Kansas City
  2. James Bolin, Joplin
  3. Joshua Bowen, Newburg
  4. Noah Brocato, Labadie
  5. John Bush, Springfield
  6. Zach Caselman, Battlefield
  7. Phil Charleville, Festus
  8. Nathanael Coffman, St. James
  9. Michael Collins, Jefferson City
  10. David Cooper, Little Rock, Arkansas
  11. Cameron Courtwright, Warrensburg
  12. Kevin Courtwright, Warrensburg
  13. Trenton Courtwright, Warrensburg
  14. Nicholas Davidson, Manchester
  15. Paul Eggeman, Columbia
  16. Travis Gabel, Columbia
  17. James Gamache, Rolla
  18. Jason Goring, Bates City
  19. Chad Gross, Rolla
  20. Hans Herfel, Fitchburg, Wisconsin
  21. Tyrone Herfel, Greeley, Colorado
  22. Kelly Hinson, Saint Clair
  23. Tony Hinson, Saint Clair
  24. Craig Holke, Ladue
  25. Kevin Irish, University City
  26. Mike Kidd, High Ridge
  27. Frederick Kossman, St. Louis
  28. Michael Kossman, Imperial
  29. Mike Kruse, Columbia
  30. Tom Lagermann, St. Louis
  31. Jamie Lamkin, Poplar Bluff
  32. Mario Lozina, Fenton
  33. Shayne Manetzke, Eureka
  34. Billy McCaslin, Fenton
  35. Vince McColl, House Springs
  36. Harold Meyr, Cape Girardeau
  37. James Meng, Columbia
  38. Austin Nieman, Columbia, Illinois
  39. Charles Pancoast, Cape Girardeau
  40. Jeremy Patterson, Kansas City
  41. Nick Polanowski, Sullivan
  42. Sam Potter, Rolla
  43. Adam Prier, Golden
  44. Jeff Rainwater, St. Peters
  45. Anthony Reichard, St. James
  46. Michael Reitz, St. Louis
  47. Jonathan Rinehart, Arnold
  48. Scott Rodeman, O'Fallon
  49. Drew Ross, Crossett, Arkansas
  50. Jason Rudolph, St. Peters
  51. Derek Schlotzhauer, Harrisonville
  52. James Schumer, Columbia
  53. Devan Scroggins, Cassville
  54. Rylyn Small, Bertrand
  55. Mike Spangler, Wildwood
  56. Steven Spangler, Pacific
  57. Doug Steinhoff, Columbia
  58. Robert Viehman, Steelville
  59. Dennis Voss, Union
  60. Ron Ward, Branson
  61. Mark Zettler, St. Charles
Trout Slam Brag Board

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