Point System for Wildlife Code Violations


MDC uses a point system to assist staff in identifying serious and repeat offenders of the Wildlife Code. Points are assigned to offenses based on the severity of Wildlife Code violation.

How the Point System Works

When you violate the Wildlife Code, an agent issues you a ticket. If you are convicted of the violation, the court may assess a fine (which goes to the county) and/or time in jail. At the time of conviction, depending on the violation, MDC staff assign you anywhere from zero to 16 points per violation.

If you accumulate 16 points, MDC staff will review all the circumstances surrounding your violations and may recommend the Commission consider revoking or suspending your permit privileges for up to one year. If you accumulate more than 16 points, the recommendation to the Commission may be a suspension of more than one year.

Staff consider your points for the past five years in making recommendations to the Commission, including any conviction expunged in accordance with §610.140 RSMo.

The Commission can revoke or suspend your permit privileges for any violation. MDC staff use the point system to identify people with a record of violations, but the Commission does not revoke or suspend permit privileges without due process.