Wildlife Code of Missouri

The Wildlife Code of Missouri is available online as part of the Code of State Regulations. A printed version of the Code is published annually by the Conservation Department in March. Copies are available at permit vendors statewide. Please note that the Code is subject to revision throughout the year, and printed copies may not reflect current rules. For the most up-to-date version of the Code, see the Secretary of State’s website.

Update, March 2020 – A change was made to 3 CSR 10-5.205(1)(A) after the printed version of the Code was published. For the current verbiage of this rule, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.

Public input and sound science shape the Code

Every year the Conservation Department’s Regulations Committee reads hundreds of letters and email messages from Missouri’s hunters, trappers, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who have suggestions or comments about wildlife management or regulations. Each year, committee members also look at hunting and fishing surveys and opinion polls from Missourians across the state. They then seek the expert opinion of the Department’s research biologists and managers to learn how Missouri’s natural resources are faring under current regulations.

Out of this process comes recommendations to the Director and the Conservation Commission on changes to next year’s Wildlife Code of Missouri. These regulations are established to manage Missouri’s valuable plant and animal communities, to provide equal opportunity to share and enjoy these resources, and to promote public safety.

Check current regulations before traveling to fish or hunt

Most regulation changes go into effect March 1 each year. Because regulations on Department lands are set to protect wildlife and to provide access to the public, they may change throughout the year, especially after the fall deer, turkey, and waterfowl regulations are established. It’s always a good idea to get a current list of regulations before traveling to hunt or fish on a Department area, especially during the fall deer and turkey seasons.

Area regulations and maps are available from the online atlas and at Conservation Department regional offices.

In This Section

Comment on Existing Regulations

We welcome your comments on current Wildlife Code regulations.

Proposed Regulation Changes

Review proposed regulations and proposed regulation changes and give us your comments.

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Process for Adopting Regulations

Review the Regulations Committee's process for adopting regulations.

Point System for Wildlife Code Violations

When you violate the Wildlife Code, points will be assessed against your hunting, trapping or fishing privileges. Your hunting, trapping and fishing privileges may be suspended if you are assessed enough points.

Mountain Lion Regulations

The Wildlife Code of Missouri provides for the taking of wildlife during prescribed hunting and trapping seasons and under other circumstances, such as when wildlife is causing damage to property or when it threatens the safety of humans, livestock or pets.

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