Nuisance Aquatic Plant ID

Successful control starts with positive ID

Left unmanaged, some of Missouri's aquatic plants can become nuisances in ponds. Before applying control measures, browse this list of common water plants to identify which ones are causing problems in your pond.

Once you've identified the offenders, browse our Ponds: Plant Management page for technical guides that show you how to control them.

American lotus


Chara (muskgrass, stonewort)

Coontail (hornwort, coon's tail)

Duckweeds (watermeal)

Filamentous algae (moss, pond scum)


Naiads (water nymphs, waterweeds)


Water lilies

Water milfoils

Water primrose

Water shield


Lotus in a pool at Duck Creek CA
American Lotus Flower


American pondweed leaves floating on water surface
American Pondweed (Longleaf Pondweed)


Brittle naiad aquatic plant held in a person’s hand
Brittle Naiad (Brittleleaf Naiad)


Chara, an alga with stemlike and leaflike structures
Chara (Muskgrass; Stonewort)


Photo of coontail aquatic plant with penny for scale
Coontail (Hornwort; Coon’s Tail)


Photo of various duckweeds and watermeal on water surface
Duckweeds and Watermeal


Photo of filamentous green algae with air bubbles
Filamentous Green Algae


Photo of big clump of hydrilla stems tangled around a boat motor
Hydrilla on Boat Motor


Photo of water primrose plants with flowers
Water Primrose (Flowers)


Photo of water shield showing underside of leaf
Water Shield (Underside Of Leaf)

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