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From Missouri Conservationist: February 2019

Letters to the Editor

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Swamp Rabbits

The December article on swamp rabbits [Nature Lab, Page 4] was informative and interesting. We used to call them muskrats. When simmered in brown gravy, they are delicious.

John Sutton Cedar Hill

Cookie Bake

Your cookie recipe for Zimmerschied (German Brown Sugar Cookies) brought back  happy memories [December, Page 8]. I am 85 years old, and that was our favorite cookieas children. I still make them every Christmas. After the dough was chilled, my siblings and I would cut chunks off and eat it raw. Thanks for the magazine. After I read it, I give it to the nursing home.

Geraline Ellerbrake Gerald

Conservationist Kudos

I have been remiss — for only 60 or so years — for not writing and telling you what a great magazine the Missouri Conservationist is! It just took the white-tailed buck on the November issue to spur me to finally email and tell you how much we enjoy your publication.

I inherited the enjoyment of reading your monthly issues from my father, Leighton (Mac) McCormick, professor of forestry at Mizzou and extension forester for the state since the late 1930s. He introduced me to duck hunting on the Missouri River, and the Conservationist went hand in hand with me loving and enjoying that activity.  Since graduating from the School of Journalism in 1969, I’ve been a regular and dedicated subscriber. And, just as my dad did for me, I passed along the enjoyment of reading the Missouri Conservationist to our daughter, Kate. She now lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, and talked me into getting her a subscription, which she reads faithfully. In fact, being an art major, she creates beautiful and colorful renditions of your covers.

My sincere thanks for doing what you do so well.

Leighton (Leigh) McCormick Webster Groves   Love your magazine. Look forward to its arrival and read it cover to cover. Accolades to all.

Steve Israelite via email

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the Missouri Conservationist. We especially enjoy articles about the elk at Peck Ranch and articles about the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge. Keep up the good work!

George and Rayetta Bates Jasper

Protecting Wildlife

Thank you for your efforts to stop the poaching of animals. Not sure why people choose to hunt illegally, but I am grateful you make them accountable for their theft and harm to hunters that follow the rules.

People are in need of food and some can’t afford to buy it. Hunters help those in need, and they realize that you can’t overhunt if you want animals to survive for legal hunting.  Thank you for your magazine, the articles, and great photos. I’m not a hunter, but I am a fan of your awesome informative magazine. Keep up the good work!

Judy Sepac Ballwin

If you witness or suspect a wildlife violation, report it to your local conservation agent or call the toll-free Operation Game Thief number — 1-800-392-1111 — which is staffed 24 hours a day. You may remain anonymous, and you may ask to be considered for a reward, if you wish. For more information on Operation Game Thief, visit —the editors

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