Elk: Landowner Qualifications


At least 10% of the permit quota will be awarded to approved resident landowners. To be eligible for the Resident Antlered Elk Hunting Permit(s) awarded to approved resident landowners, you must own 20 or more contiguous acres in Carter, Reynolds, or Shannon counties and an application must have been submitted to and have been approved by the department as described in 3 CSR 10-7.412 Landowner Application prior to applying for a Resident Antlered Elk Hunting Permit.

The approved resident landowner(s) awarded a Resident Antlered Elk Hunting Permit will be able to hunt anywhere within Carter, Reynolds, and Shannon counties, excluding the refuge portion of Peck Ranch Conservation Area.

Approved landowners will have to pay the ten ($10) dollar application fee, and if awarded a permit the fifty ($50) permit fee. Additionally, approved landowners drawn for a Resident Antlered Elk Hunting Permit will have a ten (10) year sit-out period once drawn before they are eligible to apply again.