CWD Management Permit FAQs


In designated Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Core Areas, landowners of 5 contiguous acres or greater are eligible to receive up to 10 no-cost CWD Management Permits for use on their qualifying properties.

CWD Management Permits give eligible landowners the opportunity to take an active role in managing CWD in areas where the disease has been detected by removing potential positive animals from the landscape. The permits also increase surveillance in CWD core areas by offering landowners, and/or hunters they designate, the opportunity to harvest additional deer on their property and get reimbursed for processing if they have their deer tested for CWD.

Questions and Answers

You must follow deer season hunting regulation:

  • Baiting is prohibited.
  • Shooting at night or the use of spotlights are prohibited.

NO. CWD Management Permits are valid only during deer season (Sept 15–Jan 15).

You must use the methods authorized for the season and follow deer season regulations for hunting.

Targeted removal occurs after deer season closes on January 15.

  • Authorized between Jan 16th – March 15th.
  • Must have a signed Authorization to Destroy Deer; indicates how you can take deer outside of deer season, the eligible property, and the list of individuals authorized to destroy deer.
  • All landowners who own 5 contiguous acres or more within a designated CWD Core Area are eligible for 10 CWD Management Permits.
  • Eligible landowners may designate additional hunters to receive any quantity of the 10 permits. Total number of permits allocated cannot exceed 10.
  • Current CWD Core Area boundaries can be found on the map below.
  • Eligible landowners will receive a letter from MDC in August, notifying them of their eligibility and instructing them how to apply for their no-cost CWD Management Permits.
  • If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact 573-522-0141 or


  1. Eligible landowners will receive a letter or email from MDC with application information.
  2. Application Deadlines: Meeting these deadlines ensures that permits are in hand by opening day.
    • Archery Opener: Sept 1st
    • Firearms Opener: Oct 29th
    • Alternative Methods: Dec 10th
  3. Once a landowner applies for CWD Management Permit(s), they will receive an email notification that their application was received for processing.


  • Once you submit an application, registration can take up to 2 weeks.
    • Review application deadlines for each season.
  • You can submit applications throughout deer season.
  • Letter or email notification to you and/or the hunter(s) you authorize that permit(s) is available.

Get/Purchase Permit(s):

*only after application is submitted and it has been processed.

  1. Available through regular permitting system:
    • MO Hunting App
    • MDC Website
    • Retailers or MDC Offices
  2. To get your CWD Management Permit, hunters must first possess a valid permit:
    • Resident or nonresident (including landowner) Firearms Any-Deer, Firearms Antlerless, Archer’s Hunting, or Archery Antlerless permit.
  3. Can get CWD Management Permits at the same time that other deer hunting permits are obtained.
    • Must have valid permit first before the CWD Management Permit will show up or be available.

Note: CWD Management Permits are valid Sept 15Jan 15, but hunters must have a valid permit for the season they are hunting and use the method(s) authorized for that season.

  • The permits are valid only on the qualifying property (designated landowner parcels within a CWD Core Area that are 5 acres or greater).
  • Hunters must already possess a valid permit for the season they are hunting and use the methods authorized for that season in order to utilize a no-cost CWD Management Permit.
  • Valid throughout deer season (Sept 15 – Jan 15).
  • Each permit authorizes the take of one antlerless or antlered deer.
  • You must Telecheck your deer.
  • No, but…
  • MDC strongly encourages hunters to have all deer harvested on CWD management permits tested for CWD.
  • If the landowner or hunter chooses to test their deer for CWD, they can be reimbursed for processing; up to $75 per deer.

MDC provides voluntary testing at some MDC offices and through participating taxidermist and meat processors or you can leave your deer head in one of our freezer head-drops. You can find a list of locations on our Voluntary CWD Sampling page.

  • MDC will reimburse a landowner or hunter for processing their deer if the deer is harvested on a CWD Management Permit and is tested for CWD; up to $75 per deer.
  • Hunters must fill out the Processing Reimbursement Form they receive with their Permit Availability Letter.
  • Contact CWD Management Permit hotline 573-522-0141 or email if you need a form or have questions.
  • Hunters must provide a copy of their receipt if deer is taken to a meat processor or write up the time and materials used to process the deer if self-processed.
  • Deer donated to Share the Harvest are not eligible for reimbursement.



No, CWD Management permits are like any other hunting permit and are assigned to a specific hunter’s Conservation ID.

  • You can contact your local MDC Regional office, call the CWD Management Permit Hotline at 573-522-0141, or reach out to the Wildlife Health Program.

CWD Core Area Boundaries

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