Deer: Firearms: Alternative Methods

Season Not Open
December 28, 2024 - January 7, 2025

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset

  • You may take only one antlered deer during the entire firearms season (all portions combined).
  • You may take only two antlered deer during the archery and firearms deer hunting seasons combined.
  • An antler-point restriction applies in some counties.
  • Each county limits the number of antlerless deer hunting permits you can fill during the entire firearms season (all portions). See map for antlerless restrictions.

Deer:Firearms, Alternative Methods, Allowed


Muzzleloading or cap-and-ball firearms, .40 caliber or larger and capable of firing only a single projectile at one discharge; in-lines and scopes are allowed.

Multiple-barreled muzzleloading or cap-and-ball firearms and/or muzzleloading or cap-and-ball handguns, including revolvers, .40 caliber or larger, are allowed and may be carried in addition to a muzzleloading or cap-and-ball rifle.

Centerfire pistols or revolvers using expanding-type bullets, such as lead or copper

Air-powered firearms, .40 caliber or larger, charged only from an external high compression power source (external hand pump, air tank, or air compressor)

Longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows of any draw wright; hand-held string-releasing devices, illuminated sights, scopes, and quickpoint sights are allowed.


Atlatls, which are defined as a rod or narrow board-like device used to launch, through a throwing motion of the arm, a dart 5 to 8 feet in length.

Deer: Firearms, Alternative Methods, Prohibited


Any rifle capable of being loaded by any means other than the muzzle


Self-loading firearms with capacity of more than 11 cartridges in magazine and chamber combined

Ammunition propelling more than one projectile at a single discharge (such as buckshot)

Full hard metal case projectiles

Fully automatic firearms

Any sighting device that casts a beam of light on the game

Electronic calls or electronically activated calls

Night vision equipment

Use of bait

Use of dogs

Motor driven conveyances may not be used to take, drive or molest wildlife. Deer may not be hunted from a boat with a motor attached.

Additional methods may be prohibited by local ordinances.

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