Bear: Season

Season Not Open
October 21, 2024 - October 30, 2024

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset


One black bear of either sex with the following restrictions:

  • You are required to call 800-668-4045 to determine the daily season quota/closure status prior to hunting each day. In addition, if the harvest has reached or exceeded 80 percent of the harvest quota, the director of the Conservation Department may close hunting within that Black Bear Management Zone on the following day.
  • Once the harvest quota is met or the Director closes the season for the BMZ in which you are hunting, the season is over, and you may not harvest a black bear.
  • Black bears that have taken refuge in a den may not be harvested or harassed.
  • Only lone black bears may be harvested. You may not harvest a bear that is with one or more other bears, including female bears with cubs.
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