Federal Duck Stamp


A Federal Duck Stamp is required for residents and nonresidents age 16 years and older who hunt waterfowl. Hunters also need the appropriate Missouri hunting permits.

To be valid, the Federal Duck Stamp must be signed in ink across the face.

Paper duck stamps are available for $25 at some U.S. Post Offices, MDC regional offices, nature centers, and visitor’s centers, but not at permit vendors or waterfowl hunting conservation areas.

Duck stamps are also available online or at some Missouri permit vendors. The electronic duck stamp, or e-Stamp, allows customers to purchase the Federal Duck Stamp online and use it immediately. The e-Stamp costs $29.50 and is valid for 45 days from the date of purchase. Within that time, a physical duck stamp will be mailed to the customer. After 45 days, the customer must carry their Federal Duck Stamp while hunting.