Muskellunge: Show-Me Project


Help us evaluate muskie fishing in Missouri. Muskie anglers of all levels of skill and experience are welcome.

  1. Complete and return the Show-Me Muskie Enrollment Form
  2. Fill out the online Daily Trip Record Form every time you fish for muskie
  3. Submit your Daily Trip Record forms

When you go muskie fishing, use the form to record some basic information about your day such as:

  • hours fished
  • number of strikes
  • number of fish caught
  • fish size
  • harvested or released

You can print the Daily Trip Record Form. A set of Daily Trip Record Forms can be sent to you upon request. If you don't use the online form to report your fishing, we'll send you a postage-paid envelope each year.

What Will We Do With Your Information?

The collected data helps us evaluate catch rates and our success at managing muskie populations. We'll send you group results in an annual newsletter, along with other information about the muskie management program.


To participate in this important angler/agency management partnership, complete and return the Show-Me Muskie Project enrollment form below.

Craig Fuller
Muskellunge Program Coordinator
Missouri Department of Conservation
2350 S Jefferson
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7612, ext. 6344