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Find help on some of the most commonly asked questions or issues people have when using the latest MO Hunting application.

MO Hunting version: iOS 2.11.+  Android 2.10.+

ATTENTION VPN Users: If you use a VPN, then to succesfully use the MO Hunting app you need to make sure your VPN service is routing traffic through the United States and not internationally.

Topics Covered

Session timeout message when buying permits

If you receive a "Session Timeout, please try again later message" when attempting to buy permits on your phone, then check to see if your device's browser has cookies enabled. A session cookie is required to ensure the purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Manage your profile information

You can access your user profile via the app menu, found on the top-left hand side of the app. Using the online permit system you have the ability to edit your phone number, mailing address, and email address.

  1. Tap on app menu icon
  2. Tap on Profile
  3. Tap on "Manage Account" button to be taken to the permit system.
  4. Once on the permit system, tap on "Manage Your Account & Reprint Permits"
  5. Enter your lookup information
  6. Once on your user account page, tap on "Edit Profile."

Note: A name change must be requested to the permit team. Email to request a name change for your account.

MO Hunting menu can be opened by tapping on the menu icon.   The user profile link is found in the menu screen.   You can edit your address, phone number and email address by tapping on the manage account button on your profile screen.

Multiple user management

You have the ability to add multiple users to your app for quick access to their account and permits.

Switch users
  1. Tap on app menu icon
  2. Tap on Switch User
  3. Tap on user name of previously signed in hunters
  4. Enter the hunter's date of birth
Add new user
  1. Tap on app menu icon
  2. Tap on Switch User
  3. Tap on "Don't see your name?"
  4. Enter the user's Conservation ID and date of birth
Delete user
  1. Tap on app menu icon
  2. Tap on Switch User
  3. Swipe the user entry to the left
  4. Verify you want to sign out / delete the user

Tap on menu icon to find the link to switch user accounts.  Once on the menu screen, tap on switch user to find all users saved in the app.  Once on the switch user screen, you can tap on a user name to sign in as that user, swipe a user left to remove the user, or add a new user.

NOTE: Once on the switch user screen you must select an account and enter their date of birth to be taken back into the MO Hunting app.

Find your Conservation ID

You can find your nine-digit Conservation ID using one of the following methods:

  • Find it on a previously purchased permit.
  • Find it on your Conservation Permit card.
  • Lookup your account in the online permit system.

How do I get a Conservation ID

You will be issued a Conservation ID the first time you buy a permit, or when you pass the Missouri Hunter Education course.

If you have bought a permit in the past, then you will have a Conservation ID. Read the above "Find your Conservation ID" section to learn how to find it.

How to hide/show permits

New functionality offered in the latest MO Hunting app. Users can now hide expired permits on the permit listing page by tapping on the hide icon on the top right-hand side of the permit listing screen.

The hide/show permit icon is located at the top right-hand side of the permit listing screen.

My permits are not displaying

Sometimes there is a lag between when a permit is purchased and when it appears in the app. If you do not see all your permits listed in the app, then trying the following solutions.

  • Refresh the permit listing page by pulling down at the top of the permit screen.
  • Sign out and sign back in to the app.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.

If none of the above options work, then use the app feedback form to submit your issue. You may have multiple accounts in the system that staff need to merge before all your permits will display.

Print your permits

You cannot print your permits directly from within the app. You may visit the online permit purchasing vendor site from your computer and download and print copies of your permits for free. Once on the site, click on the“Manage Your Account & Reprint Permits" link found on the page.

Federal Duck Stamp

When you buy an E-Stamp, you will receive an E-Stamp certificate. This certificate is unique to the purchaser and is valid as a Federal Duck Stamp across the nation for up to 45 days from the date of purchase. Within that time, a physical Duck Stamp will be mailed to you. Your E-Stamp certificate may be printed out or downloaded onto your mobile device and must be carried on your person while hunting waterfowl.

As soon as you receive your physical stamp, you must sign it and use it for hunting. Your E-Stamp certification is no longer valid once you receive your physical stamp. Regardless of whether you received your physical stamp, after 45 days from the date of purchase, the E-Stamp certificate is no longer valid. You must carry your current, signed Federal Duck Stamp while hunting.

If you have not received your Physical Stamp within month of purchase, please contact Amplex at 1-800-852-4897.

Telechecking in the app

The latest MO Hunting release has streamlined telechecking via the app. Follow the instructions below to telecheck inside the app.

  1. Tap on the permit you want to telecheck.
  2. Tap on the Notch button located at the bottom of the permit.
  3. Verify you want to notch the selected permit.
  4. Once back on the permit, you will find a Telecheck button where the Notch button was located.
  5. Tap on Telecheck to start the telecheck process.
  6. Complete the telecheck form to get your confirmation number.

Once on the permit info screen, tap the Notch button to notch your permit after harvesting your animal.  Tap on the Telecheck button on your notched permit to be taken to the telecheck form.  Fill out and sumbit the telecheck form to complete checking in your permit.

NOTE: You must notch your permit immediately after harvesting your animal. You have until 10pm to telecheck your permit. If you are unable to complete the telecheck process by 10pm, then please contact the local conservation agent.

If you leave your animal before telechecking, then be sure to either attach a notched permit to your animal or a piece of paper that includes:

  • Hunter's full name
  • Address
  • Permit number
  • Date of harvest

Accidentally notched/telechecked the wrong permit

If you accidentally notched or telechecked the wrong permit, then report the issue using the MO Hunting feedback link.

Managed Hunt Details

New to the latest MO Hunting app. Users can now find their managed hunt information on their user profile page.

Managed hunt information can be found in a block underneath the user's information on the proflie screen.

  • Preference points pertain to managed deer hunts only.
  • Apply link will take you to the managed hunt application.
  • Result link will take you to the managed hunt results application.

Sunrise/Sunset Issues

You can find the sunrise/sunset times displayed on the app's menu. If the app is displaying the sunrise/sunset times for the incorrect county, then there are a couple ways to fix.

Manually select a county
  1. Tap on app menu icon
  2. Tap on the sunrise/sunset time being displayed
  3. Turn on "Use a specific location"
  4. Tap on Selected Location to select the county to display times for
Allow MO Hunting to access your device location

Depending on the type of device (iOS or Android) you will need to change the permissions for MO Hunting. The general instructions are:

  1. Open app permissions for your device
  2. Find MO Hunting
  3. Turn on Location permissions.
No times are displaying

If the app is not displaying any times, or the times are incorrect, then the API might be experiencing issues. Please use the MO Hunting feedback form to report the issue.

What is this icon

Various icons are used throughout the MO Hunting app.

Menu icon The menu icon is used to access the app's menu.

Eye icon Show icon The eye icon (with and without slash) controls the display of expired permits.

Deer icon A firearm or archery deer permit.

Turkey icon A firearm or archery turkey permit.

Notched icon The dot icon indicates a permit has been notched.

Telecheck icon The check mark icon indicates a permit has been telechecked. 

Expired icon The slash icon indicates a permit has expired. 


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