MO Fishing


About MO Fishing

MO Fishing helps you find the best places to fish in Missouri. 

Requires Android 5 or higher.

Included in this release:

  • Full permit functionality: log in to view permits, link to buy permits
  • Find nearby lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Easily see whether a body of water has boat ramps, parking lots and restrooms.
  • Updated fish attractor data, if available for that body of water.
  • Statewide fishing seasons/regulations
  • Read annual prospects for certain bodies of water.
  • Fish guide to help identify you catch.

This free application will start by showing you bodies of water near your current location. You can refine the list by searching for a specific body of water, or a specific fish species. Each body of water will display whether there are boat ramps, parking lots and restrooms available. By clicking on the map, a user can see the spatial location of these facilities. The map also shows you the exact location of underwater fish structures the Missouri Department of Conservation has established over the years. These fish-attracting structures act as habitat for fish. With the geolocation feature, you can guide your boat right up to your favorite fish attractor and start fishing.

Annual Prospects

To help anglers find the best locations, the application includes the annual prospects for select bodies of water. The annual prospects are updated by the beginning of the calendar year.

Try it now and get hooked on fishing in Missouri.


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