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From Xplor: January/February 2019


(high-poe-thur-mee-ah) happens when your body loses heat faster than it can make it. If this goes on too long, it can cause your temperature to drop below normal and your heart, brain, and other organs to work poorly.

Watch for Warning Signs

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending, and keep an eye on your friends. These signs are your body’s way of warning you that it’s getting too cold:

  • Chattering teeth
  • Shivering that won’t stop
  • Feeling tired
  • The “umbles”: mumbling (slurring words when you talk), stumbling when you walk, or fumbling (not being able to control your hands and fingers well)

Act Fast to Get Warm

If you notice that you or one of your friends has symptoms of hypothermia, do something about it immediately to stop it from getting worse.

  • Tell an adult about the warning signs.
  • Go indoors or into a heated vehicle to warm up.
  • Remove damp clothing and change into warm, dry clothes.
  • Wrap up in a blanket or sleeping bag.
  • Eat and drink sweet, fatty foods, such as cocoa and candy bars.
  • Rest for at least 30 minutes.

Build a Burrito

If you’re a long way from a warm place and one of your friends is showing signs of hypothermia, you need to warm them up quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to turn them into a human burrito.

  • Spread out a tarp or the rainfly from a tent.
  • Put a foam sleeping pad or air mattress on top of the tarp.
  • Place a sleeping bag or blanket on top of the pad.
  • If your buddy is wearing wet clothes, have them change into dry clothes. Have your
  • buddy lie on their back in the sleeping bag or atop the blanket.
  • If you have heating packs, put them on your buddy’s chest or tuck them under their armpits.
  • Zip up the sleeping bag or wrap your buddy up in the blanket. Make sure their head is covered.
  • Wrap the tarp around the sleeping bag. Leave an opening so your buddy can breathe.
  • While your buddy rests, build a fire and set up a tent.

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