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Reader Photos

I loved Through Your Lens in the December issue [Page 10]. We live in a beautiful and fascinating place. There is no way we can see all the beautiful moments happening all around us. Keep up the incredible work.

Tina Loftus, Marshfield

Through Your Lens

I was astounded by the outstanding reader submitted photos highlighted in the December 2022 edition. Kudos to Dan Staples for his once in a lifetime shot — coyote vs. trumpeter swan. I like to think I am pretty good with a camera, but many of these photos are better than anything I’ve ever shot.

Bill Crowe, Springfield

When I read Through Your Lens had selected among 6,000 photos, I thought what fun! Then, when I enjoyed the excellent finalists, I recognized the daunting task undertaken by your staff. To pick 30 photos (0.005%) out of 6,000 must have been exhausting. I struggled with picking ONE of the 30 as a personal favorite.

Audrey Putthoff, via email

Trout Slam

At age 64, I accomplished the MDC Blue Ribbon Trout Slam. I read about the slam in the Conservationist. My brother-in-law, who taught me how to fish for trout with a fly rod, gave me a lot of encouragement to participate after he completed the gold level, and my husband agreed to team up with me. But I was not convinced until I saw how few women’s names were on the list of achievers. I thought I would like to see that change.

What fun I had finding the streams then wading their crystal-clear waters, sharing them with the fish, turtles, birds, whitetail deer, and even bald eagles. Meeting amazingly nice people who could not wait to share all their knowledge to help out. But, for the most part, not having to share these absolutely beautiful places with another soul.

I caught my gold level rainbow trout at the North Fork of the White River at Rainbow Springs.

This past spring and summer I have talked about the Trout Slam to just about anyone who would listen, particularly to women. I am happy to see other women fishing, especially outside the trout parks, and I tell them so. It seems we have an immediate connection and understanding.

Wishing you tight lines.

Linda Haislar, via email

For the Love of Dogs

As a girl who adored her grandpa, I was ecstatic when he started taking me duck and goose hunting with him in the 1970s. I treasured those early morning hunts when we walked to our duck blind in the dark in all kinds of weather conditions. Watching the sun rise and the fog dissipate from around us, the whistle of wings overhead, ducks dropping into the water as our retriever swam after them, and the smell of burnt gunpowder are some of the memories that came rushing back to me as I read Flush, Retrieve, Tree, Repeat [November, Page 16]. Thanks for providing Missourians with a quality outdoor magazine.

Debbie Muetz, via email

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