Managed Hunts: Waterfowl

Ducks on a lake
Managed Hunts

Managed hunts for waterfowl occur on the Department’s 15 intensively managed wetlands. These wetlands offer some of the best public waterfowl hunting opportunities in the state. To prevent overcrowding, these areas have draw procedures in place to allocate limited hunting opportunities.

COVID-19 Notice

The COVID-19 pandemic may impact how waterfowl drawings are conducted this year and potentially in the future.

MDC is committed to providing waterfowl hunting opportunities, and any adjustments to drawing procedures will be communicated as soon as possible.


Hunters can apply online for reservations in September, as well as throughout the waterfowl season.

  • Only Missouri residents are allowed to enter the reservation drawings through the online system.
  • Qualifying non-residents (i.e. non-resident students, military stationed in Missouri) are also able to enter the online reservation draws.
  • ADA blinds can be applied for by qualifying hunters using the same online system.
  • All hunting parties on these 15 areas are limited to four people.

Nonresident hunters can be a member of a reservation party or try their luck for an open spot in the “poor line”. Nonresident hunters can also go to any open-hunting waterfowl area without a reservation at any time during the waterfowl season.


Details on the waterfowl draw procedure during the 2021–2022 waterfowl season.

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