Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas


Browse managed waterfowl hunting opportunities on the 15 conservation areas listed below. These intensively managed wetlands provide waterfowl with much-needed habitat during migration. The Department limits the number of hunting parties on these areas to enhance hunting quality and maintain resource integrity.

  • Some of these areas have permanent blinds, and others provide opportunities for hunters to wade in or hunt from boat blinds.
  • Most areas have disable-accessible blinds.
  • NOTE: Permits and federal duck stamps are not sold at conservation areas. Please purchase permits, duck stamps, or reprints of lost or misplaced permits before attending draws at participating conservation areas.
  • NOTE: You must be a Missouri resident with a conservation number to use the waterfowl reservation system.
Map of Missouri duck zones and locations of managed waterfowl areas
2021-2025 Duck Zone map with managed waterfowl areas.
MDC Staff
Right to Use

All of these areas include shallow marsh hunting.

  Location Wade-and-Shoot Hunting Temporary Blinds Only Water Blinds Field Hunting for Geese Number of ADA Blinds Boats Boats for Blinds Only Boat Launches Camping Closing Time
1 B.K. Leach — 4,307 acres Lincoln County 573-898-5905 X   X   1         1 p.m.
2 Bob Brown — 3,307 acres Holt County 660-446-2694 X X     0     X X 1 p.m.
3 Columbia Bottom — 4,318 acres St. Louis County 314-877-6014 X X     1     X   1 p.m.
4 Duck Creek — 6,318 acres Bollinger, Stoddard, and Wayne counties 573-222-3337 X   X X 1   X X X 1 p.m. closure in designated areas
5 Eagle Bluffs — 4,428 acres Boone County 573-445-3882 X X     2     X   1 p.m.
6 Fountain Grove — 7,983 acres Linn and Livingston counties 660-938-4124 X X X X 1   X X X 1 p.m. closure in designated areas
7 Four Rivers — 13,929 acres Vernon and Bates counties 417-395-2341 X X   X 1     X X Sunset
8 Grand Pass — 5,301 acres Saline County 660-595-2444 X X     1     X X 1 p.m.
9 Marais Temps Clair — 918 acres St. Charles County 573-898-5905 X       0         1 p.m. closure; waterfowl hunting Fri.–Mon. only
10 Montrose — 2,750 acres Henry County 660-693-4666 X   X   1     X X Sunset
11 Nodaway Valley — 3,881 acres Holt and Andrew counties 660-446-3371 X   X   1     X X 1 p.m. (west side) Sunset (east side)
12 Otter Slough — 4,866 acres Stoddard County 573-624-5821 X X X X 1   X X X 1 p.m.
13 Schell-Osage — 8,633 acres Vernon and St. Clair counties 417-432-3414 No morning drawing will be held on Schell-Osage for the 2021–2022 season.  The Waterfowl Hunting Only areas will be open for opportunistic waterfowl hunting through self-registration at the area headquarters, but portions of these areas may be closed for construction.
14 Ted Shanks — 6,705 acres Pike County 573-248-2530 X   X   1     X X 1 p.m.
15 Ten Mile Pond — 3,755 acres Mississippi County 573-649-2770 X X   X 0     X   Sunset

NOTE: Depending on the weather, waterfowl hunting may also be available on an informal, opportunistic basis without a reservation at open hunting areas. Visit open hunting areas for a list.

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