Managed Hunts for Hunters with Disabilities


There are 18 managed hunts specifically for hunters with disabilities. Participation and eligibility vary, so call the phone number listed for each hunt to learn more.

View Managed Hunts for People with Disabilities

Youth must be at least 11 years old to hunt in a managed youth deer hunt.

How to apply

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Bois D'Arc Hunts: Only these two managed hunts held exclusively for disabled hunters are run through MDC's draw system. The application process for these two hunts is the same as for any other managed hunt.

All other hunts: All other hunts are drawn by the agency who runs the hunt, with the exception of the Mingo NWR Recovering Soldier hunt, whose hunters are chosen through the national Wounded Warrior Program. For more information or to apply for hunts for those with disabilities, call the phone number listed by the hunt you are interested in.

Permit requirements

Hunters with disabilities may participate in multiple managed hunts but they must purchase a managed deer hunting permit for each hunt they attend.

Additional opportunities for hunters in wheelchairs

In addition to the events above, any hunter permanently needing to use a wheelchair is automatically allowed to participate in one or more managed deer hunts at:

  • August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area
  • Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area
  • Caney Mountain Conservation Area
  • James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area
  • Peck Ranch Conservation Area

These hunts are part of the Managed Deer Hunt Program and are not limited to hunters with disabilities only.

How to apply

Mail a written request by July 31 indicating hunt preference with attached physician's statement to:

Missouri Department of Conservation
Attn: Managed Deer Hunts
PO Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180

Attendants and caregivers

Each hunter with a disability may be accompanied by an attendant/caregiver while hunting, but that person may not hunt unless he or she has applied and was successfully drawn for the same hunt.

Permit requirements

Hunters confined to a wheelchair may participate in more than one managed deer hunt, but must purchase a managed deer hunting permit for each hunt they attend.