Fish Warts


Commonly Infected Wildlife

Numerous species of fish can be affected.

Is This Animal Infected?

Fish have wartlike growths on the skin, fins, and occasionally gills.

Can I Get It?

No. There is no known transfer of fish warts to humans.

How Bad Can It Get?

Humans are not at risk for fish warts.

Symptoms in Humans

None. People are not at risk.

Numerous warts on the skin of a fish
Fish warts
Chris Darnall
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Protect Myself and Others

  • Skinning the fish removes the affected tissue.
  • Consume fish fillets like any other, by properly cleaning, preparing, and cooking the fish to 145°F.

Safe for Pets?

Yes. There is no known health risk when properly cooked.

What Causes It?

Lymphocystivirus (lymphocystis) is a common virus affecting over a hundred species of fish.

Epsilonretrovirus (walleye dermal sarcoma) affects walleye and is especially noticeable during spring spawning season.