Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state; to facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources.

Our Values

  • Excellent public service is essential—we work to deliver more than is expected.
  • All citizens are important—we respect their opinions and value their trust.
  • Missourians are partners to achieve conservation success—we communicate openly and look for ways to make it easier to partner.
  • Fairness, objectivity, sound science, integrity, accountability, and transparency guide our actions.
  • Employees are the Department's most important asset—we all work to advance conservation by being results driven, working as a team, serving as ambassadors for conservation, and living out the conservation ethic through our actions.

Our Vision

A future with healthy fish, forests, and wildlife where all people appreciate nature.

Our Conservation Goals

The conservation mission and vision are achieved by sustaining and improving fish, forest, and wildlife resources; enhancing the relevance of conservation; connecting Missourians to fish, forest, and wildlife resources; and strengthening operational excellence and delivering  superior customer service. The following strategic goals set direction and priorities for the Department for the next five years.

Sustain and Improve Fish, Forest, and Wildlife Resources

This means keeping Missouri’s terrestrial habitats and natural communities healthy and resilient; a focus on water quality and quantity that supports fish, forests, wildlife, and outdoor recreation; healthy and sustainable populations of fish and wildlife; and minimizing or preventing impacts from invasive species and diseases.

Enhance the Relevance of Conservation

This means Missourians value fish, forests, and wildlife; they understand and value the Wildlife Code of Missouri; they take action for conservation; they engage in a range of conservation-related activities, programs and recreation; and strong partnerships to increase conservation involvement.

Connect Missourians with Fish, Forest, and Wildlife Resources

This means Missourians have places to go to enjoy nature and MDC continues to use technology to help connect Missourians to nature.

Strengthen Operational Excellence to Deliver Superior Customer Service

This means MDC works on providing superior customer service; recruits, develops, and retains world-class staff; and is a trustworthy and accountable steward of Missourians’ resources.

In This Section

MDC Strategic Plan FY19-24 (pdf, 302 KB)

Our strategic plan outlines a 21st century conservation model for success to ensure MDC remains a world-class leader in conservation.

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