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Mammals are marvelous warm and fuzzy critters, but what makes them unique from other animals? Join us virtually in learning all about the mammals that call Missouri home. Registration required. All ages invited, however, material covered is geared for adults. Be sure to include your email address in your registration. Presenter will email the program link to participants both the day before and day of the program.


Woodpeckers are one of the most charismatic groups of birds in the world, and winter in Missouri is a great time to see them. Tune in to discover which of these whacky birds call Missouri home, more about their characteristics, and how to attract them to your yard. Be sure to include your email address in your registration. The presenter will email the link to participants both the day before and the day of the program. Registration required. All ages


Feeding birds is a great way to observe and connect with those that visit our backyard. Let’s explore the pros, cons, and best practices for feeding wild birds. Registered participants will receive the program link both the day before and day of the program. All ages

Hunter Education Skills Session

Have you always wanted to firearm hunt on your own? First you need to get certified! Join us at Runge for a Hunter Education skills session. Participants must be 11 years old and have completed the knowledge portion of the course prior to attending this skills session. This is done either by completing the online version (for a fee), or filling out the student manual chapter review questions and bringing the booklet to class for instructor review (no charge). Student manuals are available at Runge Nature Center or from the MDC website. Registration required. Ages 11+

Nature Rx

You’ve probably heard fresh air is good for you or that time in nature is healing, but what does the literature say? This month, we will read and discuss titles related to health and nature. Some suggested titles include:

Vitamin N by Richard Louv

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

The Natural Health Service by Isabel Hardman

Read one of these or bring a related title to discuss. Coffee and tea will be provided. Registration required. Ages 16+

Native Plants

This month's topic focuses on the importance of using native trees in our yards and landscapes. Ryan Russell, horticulturalist for the city of Columbia, MO, will discuss the crucial role native trees, especially oak trees, play in supporting insects, birds, and biodiversity. In his book “Bringing Nature Home,” Douglas Tallamy says “oaks are the quintessential wildlife plants” notably for supporting more species of butterflies and moths than any other native tree – more than 500 species! Join us to learn about the powerhouse species of native oak trees. Registration required. Ages 14+

Deer Hunting

Interested in learning to deer hunt but do not know how to get started? This program will give you the information to get started in this exciting hunting activity. The program will cover safety, firearms, ammunition, scouting, tree stands, blinds, hunting techniques, and more.

Discover Nature

Visit with members of the Missouri Duck Decoy Collectors and view a variety of decoys from the last century. Learn about the materials and artistry that went into creating these unique works of art that serve an important purpose. Ongoing lobby activities for all ages will feature games, crafts, and displays highlighting Missouri’s waterfowl. No registration required. All ages invited.

Field to Freezer

Find out how to skin and process the deer you harvest this year. We will demonstrate techniques, show examples of equipment and tools, and provide answers to any questions you may have about do-it-yourself processing. Registration required. Ages 6 + (participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).