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Historic and Primitive Skills

MDC is hosting "A Step Back Into Ozark Life" event at Maramec Spring Park on Saturday, September 23. Sorghum molasses making, Dutch oven cooking, and wooden stir paddles are some of the Ozark crafts the public can enjoy participating in. Public can assist MDC staff in stripping sorghum cane of leaves and then feeding it through mill which extracts the fluid. The fluid is then heated by fire &/or steam which condenses it into a sticky sweet fluid called sorghum molasses.


Join us for a morning of mushroom education, presented by Mike Snyder of WildWise Botanicals. Mike has been studying and foraging fungi for over a decade now. He spends a lot of time doing walks, talks and workshops in order to spread the awareness of and knowledge about the fungi of our region. He is on the Board of Directors and Chair of the Research Committee for the Missouri Mycological Society as well as a member of the Cultivation Committee for the North American Mycological Association.