Xplor More: Spider Bingo

By MDC | September 1, 2023
From Xplor: September/October 2023

Some people shriek “Eeeek!” when they spot a spider. Others find them fascinating. Whatever side you’re on, early autumn is a great time to head outside to see what the eight-legged web weavers have been up to.


Cut out the bingo cards. Bring the cards, a couple friends, and some pencils outside. When you spot something that’s listed on the card, put an “X” in the corresponding box. When you get five X’s in a row, yell “Xplor!

Warning:  In “Spider Bingo” if you say “bingo” instead of “Xplor,” you must erase one of your X’s and continue to look for items until you have five in a row again.

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