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By MDC | September 1, 2023
From Xplor: September/October 2023

Red bats are common from May through September along forest edges, in backyards and cities, and around farms. For more on Missouri’s furry fliers, flutter over to mdc.mo.gov/field-guide.

Eastern Red Bat

Seeing with Sound

To find food after dark, a bat emits squeaks and listens for them echoing off of nearby objects.

Bagging Bugs

A bat uses its wings and tail like a catcher’s mitt. Instead of curveballs, it nabs insects and eats them in midair.

Leafy Lookalike

When a red bat needs a breather from bagging bugs, it hangs upside down from a branch and looks like a brown leaf.

Mama Mia!

Most bats have only one baby at a time. Red bats can have up to four!

Mostly Migratory

Most red bats migrate south for winter, but some stay put and burrow under a blanket of leaves on the forest floor.

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