Creature Feature: Eastern Bluebird

By MDC | July 1, 2023
From Xplor: July/August 2023

Powerful Peepers

A bluebird can spot a tiny green caterpillar crawling through the grass from 60 feet away.

Grouchy Neighbors

Holes for nesting are often in short supply. Bluebirds chase chickadees, tree swallows, and other cavity-nesters away.

Menu Switcheroo

In the fall, bluebirds begin to eat fewer insects and more berries, like dogwood, wild grape, and even poison ivy.

Cavity Creatures

A bluebird’s beak isn’t sturdy enough to hammer out nest holes. So they reuse cavities created by woodpeckers or birdhouses built by people.

Caterpillar Patrol

Bluebirds usually hunt from a prominent perch. When they spot an insect on the ground, they flutter down and pounce on top of it.

Blunder Years

Young bluebirds don’t look like grown-ups. Their undersides are brown and speckled. The spots act as camouflage to help the youngsters hide from danger.

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