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By MDC | July 1, 2023
From Xplor: July/August 2023

Chipmunks are found throughout Missouri but are most common in the Ozarks. They prefer wooded edges rather than deep forests. For more on ’munks, scurry over to mdc.mo.gov/field-guide.

Eastern Chipmunk

Home Sweet Hole

Chipmunks live in tunnels that they dig into wooded banks, under fallen trees, and inside stone walls and log piles.

A Chip Off the Old Block

Mama chipmunks have babies in spring and summer. Litters contain up to eight but usually four or five blind, hairless newborns.

Hardcore Hoarders

In the fall, chipmunks pack their nests with thousands of nuts and seeds so they’ll have plenty to eat during winter.

Different Naps for Different Chaps

Some chipmunks hibernate, some sleep only during cold snaps, and some stay active all winter long.

Built-In Grocery Bags

Large pouches line a chipmunk’s cheeks. A ’munk can cram four acorns into each cheek and carry one between its teeth.

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