Creature Feature: Bald Eagle

By MDC | January 1, 2023
From Xplor: January/February 2023

Sky Pirates

Eagles often steal prey from other animals and even snatch fish from anglers and ducks from hunters.

Wind-Whipping Wingspan

With wings that stretch farther than the height of your bedroom door, an eagle can soar for hours or pluck up fish with ease.

Not Bald

Bald eagles aren’t bald. Adults have white feathers on their heads, while young eagles have brown feathers.

Powerful Peepers

Although their eyes are about the same size as yours, an eagle can spot a rabbit from 2 miles away.

Get a Grip!

An eagle’s talons are needle-sharp, and their grip is 10 times stronger than a human’s.

A Beak That’s All Business

A massive, hooked beak helps an eagle rip apart fish and fowl.

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