Get Out!

By MDC | January 1, 2023
From Xplor: January/February 2023

Fun things to do and great places to discover nature.

  • Trumpeter swan numbers peak in Missouri in mid-January. Head to a wetland for a chance to get a glimpse of these elegant and enormous waterfowl.
  • Cedar waxwings are named for the waxy red tips of their wing feathers. In winter, they gather to feed on the berries of cedars, dogwoods, and hawthorns. Find a flock by listening for their high, thin whistles. To learn their calls, visit
  • In winter, finches flock to feeders to feast on seeds. Grab a bird guide and a pair of binoculars and see if you can spot these feathered friends from the finch family.
  • In February, skunks leave their dens to search for food and mates. But when they waddle across roadways, they’re no match for cars. You can save hungry, lovesick skunks by helping grown-ups watch out for them while driving.
  • A walk in the winter woods is a great time to find some far-out funguses. Look for turkey tail, artist conk, and oyster mushrooms growing on trees and dead logs.


Looking for more ways to have fun outside? Find out about Discover Nature programs in your area at


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