How To: Draw a Raccoon

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From Xplor: November/December 2018

One way to draw nearly anything is to look for the simple shapes that make up the object and use lines to connect and fine-tune those shapes.

When you begin drawing your raccoon, use a pencil and sketch light, faint lines. If you mess up, it’s easy to erase the lines or simply draw over the top of them.

When your sketch is finished, you can darken the lines with a marker or crayon.

Once you know how to draw a raccoon, you can place the masked merrymaker in any holiday scene and create greeting cards for your friends and family. On the inside of the card, don’t forget to wish the reader happy holidays and a wild New Year.


  • Draw an egg. This will be the raccoon’s body. Draw a small oval on top of the egg. This will be the raccoon’s head. Add four skinny triangles for arms and legs.
  • Draw a rectangle for a tail. Add two rounded triangles for ears. Add circles with dots in their centers for eyes. Add a black nose. Draw a smiling mouth.
  • Draw a small triangle at the end of each arm and leg. These will become paws. On each side of the head, draw a line straight down until it nearly touches the arm. From there, draw a line slightly up toward the raccoon’s chin. These triangles will become cheeks.
  • Add stripes to the tail and five fingers to each paw. To make the raccoon’s mask, draw a W between the eyes. Add two short diagonal lines to form pointy eyebrows. Draw curved lines to connect the eyebrows to the cheeks. Draw a half circle over the mouth and nose to complete the mask.
  • Add small rounded triangles inside the ears to make the inner ears. Color the inner ears, mask, paws, and tail stripes black.
  • Draw fur over the head, body, arms, legs, and tail. If you want your raccoon to wear a hat, draw a skinny oval between the ears. Draw a triangle on top of the oval, and a circle on top of the triangle, then add stripes.

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