Predator vs. Prey: Rough Greensnake vs. Katydid

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From Xplor: May/June 2017

The struggle to survive isn't always a fair fight.

Long on Strength

A slim, flexible tail anchors the greensnake to a limb while it sways like a branch within inches of unsuspecting prey.

Jaw-Dropping Jaws

A stretchable ligament lets the greensnake’s small mouth open wide when it strikes.

Green on Green

With its leafy color, the greensnake can mimic summer foliage almost as well as the katydid can.

High-Stepping Hoppers

Powerful legs are good for launching away from an oncoming attack.

Fight or Flight?

The tree-dwelling katydid’s green wings look like leaves and spread like sails when danger appears.

And the winner is…

The katydid can launch and fly, but it mainly depends on its green color and leaf-shaped wings to hide it from predators. The sneaky greensnake wins.

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